CSI: NY “Party Down” Review


CSI:NY “Party Down” Season 7 Episode 13 – This week’s episode of CSI:NY started very much like the previous episode, “Holding Cell”, with a group of young people dancing in a club. Although unlike the previous episode, this club isn’t showered with water. Instead, the ENTIRE CLUB goes headlong into water when we find out that the party was taking place in the back of a semi truck which drove into the river. The rest of “Party Down” played out like your typical CSI:NY episode.

Now I consider myself a pretty savvy, intelligent TV viewer, but I had a very hard time keeping track of the characters in this episode. There were too many victims, suspects, and witnesses that all looked very similar and it made it pretty difficult to keep up with who said what, and who had which alibi and backstory. It could be that I’m alone in this, but when there’s a large group of twenty-somethings in this party it made it difficult to keep them all straight.

After they whittle down the suspects to four of the survivors, the episode gets a little more interesting. I enjoyed finding out who the killer was and how he was connected to the other survivors, although I was not a big fan of how he died. I don’t buy this gang leader killing him by himself and not even making an effort to cover his tracks. Just BANG right in front of everybody. I mean, this kid’s getting life in solitary confinement, you’d think that’d be punishment enough. Why throw away your career, your life and your freedom just to shoot some messed up kid?

Random Thoughts:

-While I admit I don’t have a very exciting nightlife (I mainly watch TV and write about it for you people), I’m pretty sure that “Truck Parties” don’t really exist. Has anybody else heard about this or experienced these?

-Cosmetic design is the unsung hero of the CSI series. It always blows my mind how they’re able to pull real objects from supposedly real people. It’s very impressive, for sure. Gross, but impressive.

-Speaking as somebody who has struggled with stuttering for most of my life, I’m always a little annoyed when I hear actors attempt stuttering. I’ve yet to hear an actor stutter where it really sound realistic.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!