VAMPIRE DIARIES Spin-Off Put on Hold, Creator Joins New Show

Kevin Williamson "Vampire Diaries Put on Hold" News

Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson’s companion series to his fanged CW show will not be happening in the near future, according to Williamson cites his dedication to maintaining the quality of the admittedly fabulous Vampire Diaries, of which he is the executive producer and co-creator and writer, as the main reason that prevents him from writing the new project, which was to be about a group of people investigating paranormal happenings.

The Williamson news is not all bad however: he has joined a new CW drama project entitled Secret Circle, which is adapted from the trilogy by Vampire Diaries author LJ Smith. It is based on a California teenage girl who moves to her mother’s hometown of New Salem and discovers she is a witch.

Of course this does not mean that Secret Circle will be a sure thing on our screens come September, but with Williamson and the success of the Vampire Diaries behind it, chances seems strong.

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