THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Daddy Issues” Review


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Daddy Issues” Season 2 Episode 13 – I’m confused. There’s so much potential double crossing and backstabbing this week that I have no idea who’s trusting who or who’s doing what. I think TVD has finally reached a point where it needs to unclog and get rid of some storylines.

The main indicator of this is the whole Witchy B/Luca thing. I had to go and check that I hadn’t missed an episode or three because suddenly Witchy B knows Luca didn’t destroy the moonstone and she’s getting upset with his dad – and then she’s getting close to Jeremy in public and I was just confused. Did she reject Jeremy a few episodes ago? Why didn’t we get to see her learning about Luca’s double cross?

Aside from that, it was a great episode. Candice Accola put in an awesome performance playing the tortured Kickass Caroline. The poor gal – getting sprayed with vervain and then shot in the head must really do a number on a person, nevermind getting a torso full of wooden bullets too. I loved that Tywolf didn’t instantly rush to save her either, still upset enough to consider leaving her in the cage.

Of course this doesn’t help my attempts to ship them to infinity – I totally do – but they’ll work it out. Eventually. After Tywolf stops burning bridges and Kickass Caroline, um, well. I’m not entirely sure why she should befriend him again to be honest, it just seems like more of a headache for her in the long run. Whatever happens, it doesn’t look like The Human is going to be an issue for long. Caroline, sweetie, if you’re going to lie about being with a friend at least know where said friend is. You couldn’t have just told The Human that you’d fallen asleep or something?

We got some screentime from Alaric and The Liability today; she wasn’t getting mind-screwed by any vampires (pro) but he wasn’t kicking their asses either (con). Hopefully John’s return and talk of Isobel means we’ll get Alaric actually doing something soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Oh, Damon, you poor boy. He didn’t go Damonus after all. Instead he’s being emo because he lurves Elena and she expects him to be a better man and he can’t handle it. So what does he do? He maintains his semi-stable persona around her while killing women at the end of episodes. Is he hoping Elena will find out and reject him so he can go darkside again? Or is he not thinking at all and heading for a breakdown?

Stefan gets points for being an awesome friend to Caroline. Seriously. His hero hairdo has been earned.

Elena gets line of the episode for ‘you may be my father, but I am never going to be your daughter’. Oh, snap!

So, now the werewolves are interested in the moonstone. Tywolf looks like he’s going to be spending a lot of time with them. Does this bode well for him? Will the wolves find the moonstone? Will they even know what to do with it?

And, perhaps more importantly, why does UncleDaddy John want to get Katherine out of the tomb? I’m hoping there’ll be answers next week. Any more questions and I may end up as frazzled as Damon.

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