SKINS (UK) “Rich” Review


SKINS “Rich” Series 5 Episode 1 – This week SKINS is Rich’s story the metal head of the gang on a quest to find a girl to chat up who’ll share his love of thrash metal who isn’t like every other lame girl at school.

Thinking he’s found the girl of his dreams working in the library Rich and Alo enlist Grace’s help to get some advice from the fairer sex on how to bag a girl.

On the whole I enjoyed this episode. The awkward moments when Rich was trying (and failing) to ask out the seemingly perfect girl for him and then striking up a genuine bond with Grace over the course of the episode was sweetly played and affectionate.

Mini plays the Queen Bee with just the right amount of over played bitchyness but it is Grace that has the potential to shine through. Very much one of the popular girls she also has a depth and kindness to her and she could develop into a really interesting character.

Having such clearly defined social groups, the popular girls, the outsider and the grungy kids means that as each of the characters are introduced we’ll have the chance to get to know this motley cru Skins cast.

This series of Skins seems less edgy. I’ve not seen one cider binge or recreational drug session yet. I suppose this reflects the new direction the program has taken. It seems much more surreal with exaggerated characters ad unlikely storylines.

Previous Skins casts have been polished and fashionable who led a sometimes ridiculously hedonistic lifestyle – like if the Priory had a 6th Form. This series seems less confirmative.

The episode was more enjoyable than Franky’s story. It still seems a bit long for me and like last week I think it struggled to fill the hour. It isn’t as interesting, provoking or fun as previous series but it does seem to be improving and hopefully it will hit it’s stride in the coming weeks.

What did you think of Rich’s story? Hating the series or happy to see more Skins action? Let me know in the comment box below!