PRIVATE PRACTICE “Heaven Can Wait” Review


PRIVATE PRACTICE “Heaven Can Wait” Season 4 Episode 12 – I just love, love, love that they broached the subject of people in this country being prescribed way too many drugs in this episode. Charlotte actually being the one to not want the drugs and pointing out that they have side-effects, risk of dependency was great. She’s an addict so she knows what she’s talking about and people constantly being compared to machines makes me so ill I can barely stand it. Yay for them taking a moment to bring up the problem.

As for Addison.. well, I don’t think Naomi and she are doing well as friends now that Addison is with Sam. Naomi is understandably finding it hard to deal with all of Addison’s relationship quirks now that they involve her ex-husband. Naomi’s the one who told Addison she sucks at relationships; was she really all that surprised to find out that Addison then panicked and asked Sam to marry her? It felt to me like that was the only thing Addison knew how to do to fix the fact that she had sort of flirted with Dr. Rodriguez and to try and deal with her mother marrying her lesbian lover. I’m not saying it was smart, I’m just saying it was classic Addison and at least she was able to take it back.

And finally I can’t say enough how much I enjoy that Coop and Charlotte’s relationship has turned into the sweetest on the show. Those two used to be the raunchy, naughty couple and now they’re holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes like a couple of teenagers. Even them getting it on in an ice room in the middle of a wedding was somehow precious.

My favorite bits…

Thinking that Naomi nailed it when she told Addison that the reason she was upset about mother marrying her lesbian lover was that it just might prove she was wrong about the woman being cold-hearted.

Charlotte actually talking to someone about what happened to her and what it’s still doing to her. The bit about her feeling like she’s always watching her rape as a spectator.

Finding Bizzy’s “for now” very rude. What kind of thing is that to say to someone when she has just said she’s romantically involved with someone?

Totally agreeing with Charlotte in her anger about getting nothing but a prescription for a bunch of drugs when she went to discuss her problem. That was ridiculous.

Bizzy telling Addison she was a lesbian and to get over it. LOL.

Naomi telling Addison that when a relationship gets real is when she usually screws it up. Only a best friend can tell you something like that.

Trying so hard not to vomit when Sheldon was talking to his friend and the guy was talking about people like they were a bunch of machines. Yuck.

Addison telling Sam about the flirting. Yes it stressed him out but I still think it was good that she told him the truth.

Cooper telling Charlotte that he could wait until she was ready and until then he had.. his hand. Funny that something which was inherently kind of gross I found incredibly sweet.

Yep, I knew it. The doc being on drugs himself didn’t surprise me at all.

Thinking that Addison completely panicked when she asked Sam to marry her but finding Naomi’s response a little mean (if understandable).

Addison finally getting some gratefulness from someone for everything that she’d been doing for her mother and her lover. I thought it was sweet of Susan to take the time to thank her.

Pete telling Addison that she absolutely screws up relationships. Ouch.

Bizzy thanking Addison. Finally!

Addison admitting to Sam that she was scared when she asked him to marry her.

Thinking that this episode was going to end with everyone happy, right up until Susan collapsed. Man, they really had me fooled for a minute there.

What did you think of this episode of Private Practice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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