EAGLEHEART “Get Worse Soon” Review


EAGLEHEART “Get Worse Soon” Episode 1Eagleheart, the new live action series produced by Conan O’Brien’s Conaco Productions, premiered tonight with “Get Worse Soon” and I imagine that Eagleheart is what would happen if Walker Texas Ranger was written for a Japanese B-Movie fan base.

Within the first three minutes there’s a hilariously choreographed leap frog fight scene, four gunshot deaths, instantaneous human disintegration by airplane propeller and the beating of a dead body with a dismembered limb. If that doesn’t set the tone of this show, I don’t know what else could.

Chris Elliott’s wonderfully odd sense of humor is perfect for the role of Marshal Chris Monsanto. With his blonde beard and hideous wig that seems to take on a different style in every shot, he looks remarkably like Chuck Norris and plays this character as only Elliott could. He deadpans the most ludicrous lines with such sincerity that you’re laughing while at the same time cheering on this gun slinging lawman in his ridiculous pursuit of the Eagleheart brand of justice.

Monsanto’s antagonist this week was Vargas, a stereotypical crime boss who had apparently shared a long history with Monsanto by virtue of killing all of his previous law enforcement partners. Thanks to Monsanto’s unsuccessful attempt to kill Vargas, he is transformed from vicious villain to brain-damaged convalescent with the mental capacity of a 5 year old. Both versions of the Vargas character were played well for laughs and even a very brief moment of earnestness near the end.

Monsanto’s new sidekicks, gorgeous Suzie and not-so-brilliant Brett are introduced but not really developed much in this initial episode, nevertheless they both had a few funny bits of their own to contribute.

The production value is top notch for a fifteen minute weekly show and aside from the intentional use of excessive blood there’s nothing overtly ridiculous in the visual presentation of this episode. Eagleheart is shot seriously with great sets, lighting, and editing so that the comedy comes from perfectly delivered campy lines and characters in an otherwise normal looking setting.

The basic scenario of “Get Worse Soon” could very easily have been pulled from any number of law enforcement television dramas from the last 30 years which supports the parody they’ve set up. Throw in a talented cast of comedians and a truck full of exploding fake blood effects and as far as I’m concerned, you’ve got yourself a winning combination. After watching this premiere, I think it’s fair to say that Eagleheart has the potential to become my favorite live action series on Adult Swim’s current line up.