Comcast Launches TV, Movie Streaming on iPad

Comcast on iPad

Comcast announced Wednesday that it has updated its Xfinity iPad app to allow its customers to stream hundreds of on-demand movies and television shows on their tablets at no extra cost. Content from BBC America, Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, Cinemax, Encore, HBO, MoviePlex, SHOWTIME, and Starz can now be accessed free of charge by Xfinity TV subscribers of those networks. Basically, if you can watch it on-demand on your TV, you can now also watch it on your iPad with this updated app.

This feature is currently only available over Wi-Fi, but Comcast says there will be a 3G option included in a future app update. The company also plans to bring live streaming to the iPad and other tablets later this year.

This updated Xfinity TV app still allows the iPad to act as a television guide and remote control, so if you prefer watching content on a television, you can still change TV channels, browse listings and program their DVRs all with your iPad.