30 ROCK “Que Sorpresa” Review

30 Rock "Que Sorpresa" NBC

30 ROCK “Que Sorpresa” Season 5 Episode 13 – When Hank Hooper, the owner of NBC’s parent company Kabletown, pays a visit to the TGS set, Jack hurries to make sure everything is spick and span and everyone is adopting phony suck up personalities for his arrival. This means Tracy has to keep his mouth shut about the origins of dinosaurs, Jenna is not allowed to shout, and Frank gets to deliver the first great comedic lines of this laugh out loud episode:

Jack: “Frank, how is your armpit thing?”
Frank: “Not great. It’s almost touching my thigh thing.”


There were various things I loved about this episode, starting with Hank Hooper, the corporate teddy bear with egalitarian senses, played by Ken Howard. Every scene involving Hooper and Donaghy, from the hugging to the black bar to the “crap” Keeping Up With The Kardashians, were played for laughs and delivered. That technique is partly why I love 30 Rock. It’s sort of the live action version of Family Guy except the jokes hit their mark more often and the cast is supremely funny. Rarely will you feel emotionally invested in Jenna’s sweatshirt dilemmas or Kenneth’s innovative, God-fearing ideas, but you will laugh at them.

Tina Fey was, as usual, fantastic as she lied and manipulated those around her to help Jack keep Avery’s pregnancy a secret from the world, in particular, racially ambiguous reporter Carmen Chao. I wish more had been made of the Chao storyline, since it started off strongly and seemed to just sizzle out.

Other thoughts:

Jenna to Liz: “Now is not the time to discuss this, but I’m going to want to eat your umbilical cord.”

Chao: “When is the baby due?”
Liz: “April 20th. Hitler’s birthday.”

“Kabletown, we’re not sharks. We’re more like…whatever the friendliest fish is, I’m not a science guy.”

Though it started stronger than it ended, I thought this was a very funny episode. What did you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments below.

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