THE OFFICE “The Search” Review

THE OFFICE "The Search"

THE OFFICE “The Search” Season 7 Episode 15 – On this weeks episode of THE OFFICE, Jim abandon’s Michael at a gas station (with good cause) without his wallet or cell phone. Since Michael was already having a bad day because he can’t win Holly back despite telling her that they’re meant to be together, he decides to do a “walk about” to clear his head.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Jim calls Pam to tell him that he left Michael and “The Search” for Michael Scott is on!

I really liked “The Search”! While it wasn’t as funny as some episodes of The Office, I feel that the overall story was great. Erin’s complete distaste for Holly makes me laugh no matter what – I love the fact that there is one person (as much as I normally dislike Erin) that DOESN’T think Michael and Holly should be together. And that it’s Erin is funnier – because Erin likes everyone!

I loved that the “key”, so to speak, to finding Michael was through Holly. For two reasons. 1.) The way Dwight was talking to Holly about seeing a little bird, or a funny clown to follow was hilarious, and 2.) Because I’m a hopeless romantic and want Michael and Holly to be together forever. Hopefully Holly discovering that she does in fact know Michael better than anyone will speed up this process. It certainly looked like it was going to be at least a little effective by the end of the episode!

The smaller touches of “The Search” were great:

  • The picture of Creed on the wall of the Chinese restaurant
  • The caption fest that was only a way for everyone to get under Gabe’s skin (Which, can you blame them? Gabe IS odd. But very sweet. Sometimes.)
  • Kelly and Ryan’s marriage/divorce. I have a problem with this, as I feel Kelly would have screamed about her marriage to Ryan from the rooftops, but I do enjoy that they expected everyone to pick sides.
  • And my favorite part of this week’s episode of The Office?

  • “Can I kiss you?”
  • Told you I was a hopeless romantic.

    What did you think of The Office this week? While it wasn’t your typical episode (and I tend to HATE episodes not shot in the office!), I feel it was very well done and that NBC is paving the way for Michael’s exit. One other question that maybe you guys can help me with – what’s up with the lack of Jim in the last several episodes? Is John Krasinski filming elsewhere?

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