THE MENTALIST “Red Alert” Review


THE MENTALIST “Red Alert ” Season 3 Episode 13 – Jane manages to clear the name of an innocent man, all while being held at gunpoint by that same man. Sounds like a pretty normal day for him, actually.

I thought the way they set up him being at City Hall in the first place was great. I mean I just figured him running away from a cop and giving the guy a hard time was just for laughs (because I did). But then he got a ticket for it and of course was there when Crosswhite walked in with a gun. It was so perfect that for a second there I wondered if he had somehow put it all together that way. I’m not gonna lie, I was a teeny bit disappointed that he hadn’t, but it didn’t matter as I loved the way it all went down and how he figured out who the real bad guy was.

My favorite bits…

Jane asking the officer if he got a prize for guessing correctly how fast he was going.

Jane apparently pushing it too far when he suggested that he and the cop were both in the Justice League and Aquaman wouldn’t give Batman a ticket.

Okay so he might have done it with a cop in pursuit, but at least Jane made it to the crime scene.

Jane taking umbrage at being called an underling. Ha.

Lisbon warning Jane that if he didn’t pay his ticket on time they were gonna put a warrant out on him. Boy, she doesn’t mess around.

Jane’s mutter of “oh good, more guns,” when he heard the cavalry showing up outside City Hall.

Lisbon standing her ground and refusing to give up her authority at the scene.

Jane warning Crosswhite that when the cops came in, they were gonna be all “shooty.” Well, I guess that’s one way to put it.

Jane getting Crosswhite to relax so much that it actually saved his life. That was one benefit I don’t think either of them was expecting.

The dripping sarcasm when Jane said “I never thought of that,” after Lisbon asked him to try and get Crosswhite to release the injured woman.

Jane finding out the reason that Crosswhite felt guilty about the night of his wife’s murder.

The fact that all Jane needed to solve the case was a piece of paper, a pen.. and a bathroom.

Jane ordering Rigsby to take it easy on Crosswhite when he cuffed him.

Rigsby grabbing the chief before he could pull his gun. Awesome.

Finding it interesting that, as the chief described how shocked he had been when Crosswhite’s wife had looked at him with disgust, I found myself doing exactly that.

What did you think of this episode of The Mentalist? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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