ROYAL PAINS “A History of Violins” Review

Royal Pains "A History of Violins"

ROYAL PAINS “A History of Violins” Season 2 Episode 15 – Hank helps end a feud while Evan helps start a political campaign in the “A History of Violins” episode of ROYAL PAINS. Oh, and it looks like Hank and Emily might be done. We can only hope. My apologies to Hank-Emily fans, but I never quite bought that relationship and Emily annoyed me as often as not.

Of all the things I thought might topple the Hank-Emily house of cards relationship, her treating Eddie wasn’t even on the list, but it works very well as a catalyst. “Oh my God; I’m dating my father.” Did it really take Hank this long to see that Emily’s ethics are, shall we say, more flexible than his? I’m not convinced this is a complete break yet (she had a distant or absent father, so she just needs to be loved, etc.), but I’m hopeful, and yes, Eddie, you did help.

While I think Paige could have made Evan suffer a bit more, I’m glad they’re back together and as sweetly funny as ever. I don’t mind Evan being goofy-I actually like it- such as when he gets trapped in the passage or when he makes a faux pas like talking to the reporter, so long as he isn’t completely selfish like last week. Anyway, the goofy moments are well-balanced by him being supportive of Paige and calmly calling 911, etc. Vast improvement from last week, behavior-wise.

Divya’s beginning to irritate me even as I want to give her a hug. I’m with Jill when she says “If you want to break your engagement, break it.” Yes, Divya’s conflicted and confused-with plenty of reason– but she needs to spend a couple of seconds thinking about how her actions affect others. Adam looked heartbroken, there are serious ethical considerations for HankMed, and she’s completely ignoring that Raj might deserve to know his bride has glacier feet. Not for nothing, but the fact that Divya has known Raj since she was a baby and she still can’t say that he’s the one she wants should really be the only sign from the universe that she needs. If that doesn’t do it, then the disappointment she obviously feels when she learns Adam is gone should.

Is it a rule that medical shows have to do anthrax at some point? At least Royal Pains throws in an explosion for good measure and I love Hank covering up the anthrax- riddled drums with a tablecloth. For whatever reason, that just tickles me. Natalie is cute and funny and plays well off Hank. Oh, and I have a tomato-shaped pincushion, so don’t I feel old? Hee. The feud is oddly polite and mostly useless except for the explosion, but it gives us more of the general, so I’m happy.

Fun lines:

“Who apologizes in lower case?” Super-sorry Evan is kind of adorable.

“Faxes are so last century.”

“Consider yourself my unmanned drone.”

“When should we stop pretending that I don’t know Adam’s the patient you became involved with?”/ “How about now?”/ “Now’s good.” I like it when Hank cuts through the BS.

“It seemed to me it lived its life like a candle house in the wind.” Love this line SO much.

“What is it with you HankMed people? I’m like catnip to you”

“He’s not a big reader.” Nice twisted Shakespeare quote, but what would people do if they couldn’t blame lawyers for some of their actions?

“I guess your gaffe was the shot in the ass I needed.”/ “I guess we’re even.” Snort.

This feels much less like filler than last week’s episode as Royal Pains weaves in the season’s arcs. Hank realizes Emily isn’t what he wants, Evan makes nice with the general and makes nicer with Paige, and Eddie’s just being Eddie, trying to con his way out of prison. Divya’s still stuck, but that’s her choice at this point.

What did you think of the episode? Will the Hank-Emily break-up stick? What do you think Divya’s going to do?

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