PSYCH Might be Planning Second Twin Peaks Themed Episode

PSYCH Dual Spires

Okay so it’s no secret that most everyone over on the PSYCH set are big fans of the offbeat, early ’90s drama, Twin Peaks. In fact I’d say that anyone who saw their well-received “Dual Spires” homage in December holds little doubt to just how much love there is for the old show.

Well hang on to yours hats (or pie, or whatever) Psych fans, because according to EW’s Inside TV , those wacky people behind out favorite show just might be paying homage to David Lynch’s surreal soap a second time.

Dulé Hill said at a pre-SAG party:

“Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to do some kind of revisiting of the episode. I know James [Roday] is thinking about it. I know he and Steve [Franks, creator and executive producer] had talked about it. Hopefully we can make it happen.”

Fans will remember that the December episode followed Shawn and Gus as they went about solving a teenage girl’s murder in an isolated village after its annual cinnamon festival went awry. In that episode, no less than seven of the original Twin Peaks cast members showed up in guest roles, which was chock full of Peaks references: Owls, “damn fine” diner food, anagrammed character names, and a host of more subtle nods for fans of the original series.

Hill admitted that the Peaks cast left a few of his Psych colleagues, including co-stars James Roday and Tim Omundson, pretty star-struck (can we blame them?):

“They were like little geeks, really. They went gaga over them. James was like, ‘Oh my God.'”

Hill, on what it was like working with the Peaks alumni:

“They were great people. I loved every last one of them.”

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