PERFECT COUPLES “Perfect Health” Advance Review

Perfect Couples "Perfect Health"

Just like the other two episodes of PERFECT COUPLES, this episode centered around the revelation that Dave has high cholesterol and needs to change his diet. For the first half of the show, all I could think was “how is this man’s health problem supposed to be entertaining me?” Frankly, it was not. There was a lot of boring talk about what he should and shouldn’t eat, with every person giving their opinion and “helping” him out, including Vance who stalks Julia in the hope that she will buy the right veggies.

However, just like the last few episodes, the show got better in the second half. The more it moved away from centering around Dave, the better it got. I like Kyle Bornheimer and he had some very funny moments on this episode, but a whole storyline based on cholesterol should never exist. Luckily, the other characters have their own health issues, mostly psychological, such as the case of Amy and Rex. Emotional issues are so much more fun to watch, especially with these two characters. The elaborate ways that Amy went to hide her problem and the elaborate ways that Rex went to in order to have everyone involved in his problem, were pretty amusing. In the end when the gang decides to give in and act like teenagers again, it was pretty funny, as was the aftermath.

I am still not sure how I feel about this show. If the writers could only make the first half as funny as, or preferably more funny than, the second half, we may have a winner. As it is, the opening montage of the three couples, especially in tonight’s episode, seem forced. Some of the characters need to find their place in the show (Dave, I am looking at you). More importantly, the group as a whole needs to find its place together. Often I am left wondering how these three couples ever became such close friends.

Tune in tonight to Perfect Couples on NBC at 8:30 pm ET and let me know what you thought of this episode. Is the show getting better? Is it getting worse? Do you think it will make it for a full season? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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