PARKS AND RECREATION “Time Capsule” Review

PARKS AND RECREATION “Time Capsule” Season 3 Episode 2 – It’s time to preserve Pawnee forever. or at least for the next 50 years. Tonight on PARKS AND RECREATION Leslie and the other members of the parks department decide to put together a time capsule for future Pawnee residents to unearth 50 years later, to compare what life was like when the capsule was buried.

Sounds like a pretty straight forward idea, right? Well, we all know that it couldn’t be TOO easy, and when the people of Pawnee discover what the parks department is planning they start to put together their own ideas of what should be inside the capsule. and a town meeting is called. All over one little copy of Twilight.

I KNEW that book was up to no good!

No, in all seriousness, Twilight does start a feud between the towns people, but it all ends well!

Andy asks Chris for advice in how to win April back, and ends up making friends with April’s current boyfriend… and April doesn’t like it very much! But things start to look up for Andy by the end of the episode!

My favorite parts of the episode:

  • The Pawnee town slogans. “Pawnee: Engage with Zorp. For a brief time Pawnee was run by a cult. Pawnee: Zorp is dead. Long live Zorp. Pawnee: It’s safe here now.”
  • “For the last time, and I will not say this again, there will be no human or animal remains in either time capsule.
  • I love way that Kelly (played brilliantly by guest star Will Forte) got Tom and Donna totally engrossed in Twilight.
  • Leslie: “I’m more a Harry Potter girl myself.”
  • I feel like I say the same thing about this show every week, but there really isn’t anything bad to review or to comment on! Parks and Recreation is wonderful. Amy Poehler does an incredible job as Leslie, and while she should be obnoxious as a character, Poehler adds the EXACT right amount of charm to Leslie, and all her off the wall antics seem perfect!

    I have to hand it to the writers, they do an AMAZING job on this show, and for that, as a fan, I want to send out a HUGE thank you!! I (We? Can I speak for all of us?) appreciate all the effort that goes into this show. I hope Parks and Recreation is around for MANY more seasons!!

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