NIKITA “Coup de Grace” Review

Nikita (CW) - Coup De Grace

NIKITA ” Coup de Grace” Season 1 Episode 13 – While last week’s lack of action on NIKITA could be explained away as a transition episode for the second part of the season, tonight’s episode “Coup de Grace” was a slight disappointment for me. Alex is assigned her first group mission, an order to kill the Prince of Georgia at a museum event. Alex and Nikita devise a plan to prevent the assassination. But they don’t account for the possibility that the Prince’s own power-hungry wife is behind the plot. Division learns that Nikita is involved; and there is a stand-off between Nikita (who saves the Prince) and Division.

Nikita felt awkward and cumbersome tonight, yet surprisingly still suspenseful and entertaining for the most part. Beyond the bad accents, I thought the dialogue and plot (including the action scenes) seemed oversimplified and incomplete. It was as if everything was cut off before the whole sequence had been completed. I would guess that the logistics of having both Nikita and Alex on the outside makes everything about producing the show more difficult. But all that we were left with in “Coup de Grace” was the theme of love taking over the entire episode. Throughout the show, there was a constant and obvious comparison being made between Michael/Nikita and the Prince/his girlfriend.

Love over duty: Prince-1, Michael-0
Open to love: Prince-2, Michael-0
Risk life for love: Prince-3, Michael-0

We get it! If only Michael would just stop comparing Nikita to a cancer that corrupts a system from the inside, he might be more willing to hear her out (if she will let him). Certainly Percy is no help, pushing for Michael to successfully carry out the mission and to kill Nikita – two birds with one stone. I actually liked Percy’s short but amusingly agitated appearance tonight. Unfortunately, it seems that Michael is back to feeling bitter and looking pouty, which really is quite unbecoming on him.

Another hit me over the head motif in Nikita tonight was the contrast between Alex the ingenue and Alex the Division agent. As usual, Lyndsy Fonseca pulls off both personas very nicely. I especially enjoyed the glass of wine versus glass of almond milk joke at the end.

But the truly interesting part of tonight’s show is that Michael now knows about Alex and Nikita! Or does he? If so, how will they get out of this blunder?

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