NBC Cuts Episodes of THE CAPE

THE CAPE (NBC) - Scales on a Train

It looks like Vince Faraday will have to fall even farther off the grid. Deadline.com reveals that NBC just cut the order of the midseason drama THE CAPE from 13 to 10 episodes. The show is currently wrapping episode 10, so this means production for the show will now stop.

While generating mixed reviews from critics, the two-hour debut of The Cape garnered respectable ratings. But ratings have dropped since new episodes began airing in the regular Monday 9pm time slot. Deadline.com states that the February 1 show drew a 1.5/4, down 6% for a series low. With The Event due to return on February 28, it will remain to be seen whether The Cape’s changed order will affect The Event. A rumored possibility is to air the final episode of The Cape on February 28, and then re-launching The Event with two back-to-back original episodes (instead of a recap and an original episode) the following Monday, March 7.