CSI “The Two Mrs. Grissoms” Review

CSI “The Two Mrs. Grissoms” Season 11 Episode 3 – This week’s episode of CSI, “The Two Mrs. Grissoms”, continues CSI‘s new-found appreciation for stories that focus on the personal lives or backgrounds of the cast members. This week we get a small glimpse into Sarah Sidle (Not Grissom)’s relationship with her mother-in-law.

The first suspect was Julia Holden, a professor of the university that Sarah found canoodling at the party. When accused of the murder, she lets Misses Gap-Tooth know that she had a previous relationship with Gil. Considering that I was a big fan of Grissom, I love that we’re getting so much more backstory into their relationship (as well as a nice little cameo!). It’s frankly a little bit odd that we get so little recognition of Gil and Sarah’s marriage. I’m glad somebody is finally pointing out how strange it is that a married couple live in separate countries and barely ever see each other, and that it might not be as healthy of a relationship as we have been led to believe. The scene between Sarah and her mother-in-law when Sarah was berated for her sham of a marriage was great.

I did think this episode kind of petered out and wrapped itself up a little bit too easily. The killer was found 15 minutes before the end, and then Sarah gets a nice little moral to learn from Julia’s loneliness. It was a fun surprise to learn that the interpreter was one of the killers, but it was too little too late. The scene with Gil talking to his wife and mother in the final scene was very touching, but really did nothing but make me sad that he’s not on the show anymore. He really has a charm and likability that I just don’t get out of Laurence Fishburne’s character.

Overall, this was a strong episode that focused on its characters more than normal, but ended far too conveniently.

Random Thoughts:

-“Hey guys, the Gilbert Foundation for the Deaf is having a party! What should we schedule for entertainment? I know! Live music!”

-Can we never have Sarah tell us that her and Grissom “have great sex” ever again? Do not want.

-Did this episode make anybody else wish they knew sign language? I think it’s awesome that it’s different everywhere. That’s something I’ve never considered before.

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