COMMUNITY “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” Review

Community (NBC) "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons"
COMMUNITY “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” Season 2 Episode 14 – The gang plays Dungeons and Dragons to help “Fat Neil,” who has fallen into darkness, but Pierce the Dickish imperils the Cavern of Draconis adventure in the “Advance Dungeons and Dragons” episode of COMMUNITY.

Huzzah! The ‘Lord of the Rings’ cold open is amazing and you know Community is fully invested in the theme when the opening credits are changed. Honestly, I can’t think of a better theme for Community than Dungeons and Dragons because it does involve so much imagination, which these writers have to spare, and it plays out incredibly well here with the narration, excellent use of subtle effects and awesome music. Almost all the action takes place in the study room, but because the whole group: Jeff the Liar, Annie the Day Planner, Troy the Obtuse, Shirley the Cloying, Britta the Needlessly Defiant, and Abed the Undiagnosable get so into the game, it truly feels like a huge adventure.

What a study of two sad people: Neil, who is tormented but still hopeful, and Pierce, who is as bitter as bitter can be with a twisted need to prove that he “can ruin anything.” With my turn, I’m going to pity Grandpa the Flatulent, too. Otherwise I would have to dislike him much more than I am comfortable doing. That was one ugly display on his part, though I did love him plotting evil in his lair.

This episode is hilarious all the way through. Annie and Abed’s role-playing stable sex is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Between Allison Brie and Danny Pudi’s gesturing, the reaction shots (Jeff’s longing, Shirley’s horror) and Troy taking notes on how long to spoon, this made me happy like a dragon. Abed the stable maid had his/her hands tied up, so exactly what has Annie learned living above Dildopolis? I’m so confused–am I supposed to be shipping Abed and Troy (of course Hector the Well-Endowed was meant for him) or Abed and Annie? I could seriously go either way at this point.

Community is definitely at its best when it just has the main characters play off each other. Everyone’s reactions to Britta’s predictable tangent about gnome rights (and, by the way, not cool to realize I can occasionally be a Britta-crap) is spot-on and I love her sadness over the gnome waiter’s death. Abed is stupendous on every level and he was clearly born to be Dungeon Master.

There are WAY too many great lines to list, so add your own in the comments. Here are my faves:

“So, we’re just gonna ignore that hate crime?” I’m so not a fan of black face and Dark Elf Chang should have annoyed me, but this line made it work.

“You’re the AT&T of people.” This is actually my number one line of the night.

“Look at that. What am I not good at?”/ “Sex.” Snort.

“I don’t like being excluded from things! Do you?” “YES!” Jeff and Pierce will never understand each other.

“This is why I wanted to play Chutes and Ladders.” Or anything else with a board. Or Jenga.

“Think about what you learned today. 1. Don’t screw with me. 2. Invite me to your crap.” I’m very curious to see where this Pierce arc leads because I don’t see the show simply ignoring how hateful he is becoming. Jeff all but threw him out of the group and I have to believe there will be fall-out.

I haven’t played Dungeons and Dragons in a very long time, but I have to tell you, I don’t remember it ever being this much fun. Every time I think Community can’t outdo itself, it does, so like I said in the beginning: Huzzah!

What did you think of the episode? What were your favorite or least favorite moments? Post them in the comments.

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