BONES “The Sin in the Sisterhood” Review

BONES (FOX) The Sin in the Sisterhood

BONES “The Sin in the Sisterhood” Season 6 Episode 12 – I know I said I really enjoyed the seriousness of last week’s episode and that’s true. But I also liked that this one was more like the show we all know and love. What makes those heavy episodes so great is that they aren’t the norm for this series so they break things up nicely. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun to get back to normal for a little while though. There wasn’t really too much going on regarding the whole unrequited love thing for Bones (except maybe for a smidge there right at the end) and there was plenty of humor and, well, just lots of nice Booth and Bones stuff to enjoy. The conversation in the car where they came up with tons of ways to describe how their victim was an idiot was classic and I loved getting to see Bones relaxed and happy.

My favorite bits…

Okay I know I’m not a doctor but isn’t a woman a lot farther away from a “few minutes” when she’s only at 6 and a half centimeters?

Thinking Cam had been super-nice to wait for her boyfriend for five hours. I would’ve hung out for maybe one hour, tops.

Giggling at Booth hoisting Bones up so she could see over the corn field. Wait, didn’t Tony do the same thing with Ziva in an episode of NCIS once?

Hodgins warning Wendell to be careful because Mother Nature could hear him. LOL.

Cam going to Booth for relationship advice.

Laughing so hard at Bones demonstrating the motion the victim would have had to perform to get the marks on his skeleton.. and the look on Wendell’s face as she did it.

Wendell describing their victim as a very horny farmer. Yep, that sounds about right.

Wendell trying to make Cam feel better by pointing out that none of them have a life.

Booth figuring out that the murderer used a potato as a silencer.

Booth guessing that Sweets knew about polygamy from a college paper, when it was actually from TV.

Cracking up at this line from Sweets: “You don’t know if you farm pecans?”

Booth taking a triumphant sip of his coffee when he found out that one of the sister wives had filed for divorce.

Wondering how, with three wives, the victim had time to have an affair.

Hodgins declaring that he would only have a second wife if he could marry Angela again. Awww!

Booth and Sweets watching the wives with fascination as they lost it and turned on each other.

Paul missing a step when he walked up and saw that Cam was very busy shooting a gun. Yep, that’d make me pause for a second, too.

Paul telling Cam that he realized he cared more about her than his job. So sweet.

Hodgins cheerfully offering to take Wendell on a field trip… to pick up feces.

Bones cracking herself up when she called the victim a nitwit.. and then the two of them going off on bonehead, asshat, twit, scatterhead, dufus, numbskull, etc.

Aha! I knew it! I just knew that the pecan was turned into a rock after being ingested by some sort of bird.

Really liking the song they used as during the bullet-finding montage.

Booth’s speech about how there’s only one person you love the most. Hidden message? Nahhhh.. (*insert sarcasm here*)

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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