BLUE BLOODS “Hall of Mirrors” Review

BLUE BLOODS (CBS) Hall of Mirrors

BLUE BLOODS “Hall of Mirrors” Season 1 Episode 13 – Danny getting pulled on to a case by his father, but not being allowed to tell anyone else the real story, had some interesting results. In a way it kind of caused a role reversal between Danny and Jackie.

Jackie played the part we would have expected from Danny – unsympathetic and quick to assume the worst about Sammy. Remember, Danny is the guy who put a suspect’s head in a toilet, so he’s not exactly been known as a cuddly teddy bear. I wonder though if he would have been as sympathetic if he hadn’t known that their victim was an undercover cop.

Danny claimed that he changed his opinion of people in general while in Iraq, but I still have a feeling he may not have been so nice had he not known the truth. In fact, I think that some of the time, he was being so soft that it was making Jackie suspicious. Danny strikes me as someone who can’t hide his feelings very well, whether they be anger or sympathy, and that was a bit of a detriment to his real agenda in this episode.

My favorite bits…

Danny telling Jackie all the things he’d realized about people after his two tours in Iraq.

Danny instructing Jackie to take off her shoes and put on the scarf in the mosque, despite her scowl.

Hmmm.. do I detect something between Jamie and Melissa the (possibly) crazy girl?

Thinking that Melissa might not be so crazy when I saw the state of her place after her second call.

Henry’s “ha ha ha” when Nicky made fun of him for being a white man who couldn’t jump.

Erin pointing out that people mugged in the project cry just as much in the rich neighborhoods.

The way Erin grabbed Jamie and pulled him back to the kitchen when she spotted Frank and Danny in a very serious conversation.

Frank reading to the Sammy – not only was it a beautiful poem but that was such a great thing for him to do.

Jackie catching on that Danny was essentially chasing the case on his own and giving her half the information. Yep, she’s a smart one.

Erin telling Jamie that he had a really, big heart and that would never be a bad thing, no matter what Danny said.

The look on the suspect’s face when Danny asked for a moment alone with him in interrogation.

Jamie actually catching someone in Melissa’s apartment and it turning out to be.. her brother?

Danny solving his case with 36 minutes to spare. Nice!

Frank telling Sammy that he couldn’t win his battle without men like him and thanking him for what he’d done. Awesome.

Renzulli telling Jamie that he reminded him of his brother Joe.

Jackie figuring out that Sammy was a cop.

What did you think of this episode of Blue Bloods? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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