THE KENNEDYS Miniseries to Air on ReelzChannel

The Kennedys miniseries

THE KENNEDYS is going to air in the United States after all. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the one-time highly anticipated but now controversial eight part miniseries will premiere on the ReelzChannel April 3. The first two episodes will air that night with the remaining six to be shown on successive nights that same week.

ReelzChannel is a family-owned independent cable network available in 60 million homes nationwide. DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Charter Communications all carry ReelzChannel.

It is not known how much ReelzChannel paid for The Kennedys, but whatever the price, ReelzChannel CEO Stan Hubbard thinks this acquisition will substantially boost the channel. He told The Hollywood Reporter,

“We think it will drive ratings and put a spotlight on this network that has never been on it before. We’re going to do a full-blown marketing campaign.”

Will you tune in?

You can view The Kennedys poster and watch the trailer here.