THE GOOD WIFE “Silly Season” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Silly Season" CBS

THE GOOD WIFE “Silly Season” Season 2 Episode 12 – After a few episode dealing with the Lockhart, Gardner & Bond side of the show, we are back full throttle with the political campaign as Eli struggles to reign in some unsavoury oppositional posters and hails the return of the gloriously so-sweet-she’ll-burn Wendy Scott-Carr.

Wendy Scott-Carr visits Alicia in her office with flyers, one of which accuses Zach’s girlfriend of having an abortion. Devastated, Alicia brings the flyer to Eli, who sorts the mess out by confronting Becca. Eli and Becca seriously have to team up on the political campaign because their confrontational scene stole the show. Marguleis got to show off why she was so deserved of her Best Actress SAG awards with scenes in the courtroom and about the bedroom. Her series-long table tennis match with Chris Noth is one of the best things about the show. The show closed on Alicia disappearing silently into her bedroom with Peter looking on, holding his wine glass; it was chilling.

On the legal side, The Good Wife dealt mainly with Cary’s perspective at the DA’s office, where he inadvertently gets some trackers on Kalinda. His partner in law, Geneva Pine (Renee Elise Goldsberry), was featured heavily in this episode. I liked her immediately, and not just because she delivered the best line of the episode: (upon seeing Kalinda) “Whenever I see that bitch, I know we’re in trouble.” Together, Pine and Cary work to prosecute a prison inmate accused of murder. It is not the standard case of the week which is first appears to be, as the accuser also happens to be working for Bishop, a drug kingpin, who also happens to have signed Lockhart, Gardner & Bond on as his attorneys. To aid in their investigation, Cary enlists the aid of Wiley, a high strung Mr Mom who is devoted to his kid but who will literally chase down a car speeding down a street.

Meanwhile, Blake digs up some new dirt on Kalinda which may lead to some interesting questions. I’m not certain I want to know what Kalinda’s past is. I hope we have seasons and seasons and hundreds of episodes left to explore.

Juicy does not even begin to describe this episode. Between racial politics and scheming law partners, a bankrupt campaign and devious high school girls, a marriage turmoil and love triangles, warring investigators and drug dealing kingpins and only halfway through its second season, The Good Wife has built an empire where most shows five seasons in are still struggling with the foundation.

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