SILENT WITNESS “The Prodigal” Review

Silent Witness 'The Prodigal'

SILENT WITNESS “The Prodigal” Parts 1&2 – The fourteenth series of Silent Witness ends with a shooting and possible kidnapping at the Dutch Embassy that kills three and leaves an eight year old boy missing.

Following in the vein of the rest of this series, it was a slow two-parter, dragging particularly in part one before picking up the pace a bit in part two. It wasn’t a bad murder mystery, even if this type of thing has been done to death in the past (pardon the pun). There are only so many cases of ‘someone dies because the dad’s shagging the au pair’ to which any one nation should be subjected.

It’s a shame that they had to make the police look so incompetent in order to get the mystery solved. At some point in this series, there seems to have been a decision made that pathologists can – and should – double as police officers. So we had things like Harry and Nikki wandering into the Dutch embassy before the situation had definitely been resolved, and Nikki going to visit the ex-Mrs van Buren to get more information on her son’s disappearance, something that – to this particular layperson at least – seems to be the police’s job.

Nevertheless, it was a decent watch. Everyone still has a job, Leo has an MBE, and Nikki is apparently pregnant (did they forget to cover up Emilia Fox’s baby bump in the very last scene? It was very prominent.) There are budget cuts that will affect the Lyell Centre, where the pathologists work, but since they seemed to get bored of that storyline and had Leo ask the police detective superintendent to petition for them to stay open, we can assume all is well and everyone will be back if there is a next series.

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