OFF THE MAP “On the Mean Streets of San Miguel” Review

OFF THE MAP (ABC) On the Mean Streets of San Miguel

OFF THE MAP “On the Mean Streets of San Miguel” Season 1 Episode 4 – This episode brought up a very difficult question. What do you do when you’re presented with a nice old man who is actually a Nazi?

Well that was what Mina had to deal with and personally, I actually like she didn’t have anyone in her past that needed revenging in order to send the man to the authorities. The fact that she was doing it because she herself had been allowed to get away with doing something awful and had learned that it was better to face the consequences was much more poignant.

My favorite bits…

A dentist chair showing up in a boat.

Ryan taking her anger out on the jungle. Hey, I guess it’s better than taking the machete to Ben.

Lily walking in on Ben and Ryan.

Thinking it was pretty cool of Mina to ask for Ryan’s help with telling her patient that he was terminal.

Mina figuring out that her patient, the kindly old man, was an escaped Nazi.

Charlie describing all the places where Ben and Ryan “make up.” Somehow I think that was a bit more information than Lily wanted.

Tommy reassuring his patient that no one would be touching his.. um, problem., because no one wanted to.

Tommy asking if the banana spider got its name because of what it did to his patient. Ha.

Tommy pooring his heart out and asking his patient’s girlfriend to give him a shot. Though I’m thinking his chances would have been better if she could have understood him.

Starting to understand why Mina was fighting so hard to save her patient when she said that at the very least, the families of the people he killed would get to see his face.

Finding out that Ben’s wife was still alive. Whoa.

Ben admitting to Lily that his wife was bankrolling the clinic. Double whoa.

Tommy telling his own embarrassing story and using it as a way to encourage the guy to treat his girlfriend right.

Lily not only paying off the customs agent, but threatening him as well. I’m sure I saw respect in the guy’s eyes when he handed over the box.

Mina telling her story to her patient and explaining to him why she did what she did.

The kids all coming to say goodbye to their beloved Bolito and Mina telling them a nice story instead of the truth.

Ryan handing over her machete to Zita so she could take her man troubles out on the jungle too.

Mina figuring out what Cole was really afraid of when he sat down in the chair and grabbing his hand to help him through it. Yikes.

What did you think of this episode of Off The Map? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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