HUMAN TARGET “The Trouble With Harry” Review

HUMAN TARGET (FOX) The Trouble with Harry

HUMAN TARGET “The Trouble With Harry” Season 2 Episode 12 – The whole way they set up this episode was tons of fun – Chance in a bar, handcuffed to a chair and we have no idea why. Then Harry shows up and we find out that Chance didn’t make it out of a mission and it didn’t take me long to figure out why. Obviously he was saving Ilsa and obviously it was because he has feelings for her.

You’d think that knowing the mission was going to go south would make it less exciting to watch, but that wasn’t the case at all for me. I was still on edge the whole time, waiting to see the exact moment where it was all gonna go to pot and how exactly Chance put his life on the line to save Ilsa.

I was a bit surprised by the kiss at the end, not that it happened (I mean c’mon, we all knew it was coming, right?) but that it happened in this episode. I didn’t realize the season was so close to being over but now that I know that, I guess it makes perfect sense to have it happen now. I’m sure they’ll leave us hanging with next week’s season finale somehow, wondering exactly what will happen between those two.

My favorite bits….

I know it didn’t seem like it, but I really felt like Guerrero went as gently as he knew how when he confirmed everyone’s suspicions that the woman in the photo with Ilsa’s husband was his mistress.

Chance informing Ilsa that he and Guerrero “tell each other things.” I love that. Such a simple way to explain their unique friendship.

Harry refusing to leave Chance. Aww! Yay Harry!

Cracking up so hard at this line from Guerrero: “This will render him mush, at least for a little while. Chatty, disoriented, incapable of concealing the truth – essentially he’ll be Ames.”

Not sure which part was funnier – the fact that Ames was trying to set Chance up with “very friendly” friend or that she was doing it while in the middle of a mission.. oh, and in a trunk.

Really digging Chance’s Spiderman moves across the office.

The entire argument between Guerrero, Chance and Winston while Ilsa sat there calmly.

Being oddly fascinated by Ilsa losing complete control and saying everything that popped into her head.

Saying a very naughty word when Chance jumped on the table, nearly fell off and spilled the ashtray.

Guerrero taking over and getting the pass code, and getting some admiration on his taste in clothes from Ilsa.

Wondering just how long Chance was gonna be able to stay in that ridiculous position.

Ilsa going into great detail why she didn’t like the security guy’s face. LOL.

Listening to the frantic radio calls as Chance made his way to the room where they were holding Ilsa.

Chance going all cowboy and taking off with Ilsa on the horse. All I have to say is, damn he can ride.

Ilsa catching Chance off guard when she asked why he let her come on the job if he knew something would go wrong.

Harry totally nailing it when he figured out why Chance messed up and got caught.

Guererro sauntering in after killing the bad guy in a way that still has me slightly confused.

Finding out that Harry was sent in on purpose.

Winston describing Harry as “less-threatening and yet secretly, inexplicably, guaran-damn-teed to fall ass-over backwards into the lap of success.” LOL! Best. Description. Ever.

Ames thinking that Chance’s crush was on her.

Chance telling Ilsa that her husband was an idiot for cheating on her.

The kiss! The kiss! The kiss!

What did you think of this episode of Human Target? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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