COUGAR TOWN “Cry To Me” Review


COUGAR TOWN “Cry to Me” Season 2 Episode 14 – It is Valentine’s Day and every couple in the Cul-De-Sac crew has a different idea of how it should be celebrated. What should be a day of love, quickly turns to a day of anger and disappointment.

Let’s start with Jules and Grayson. Grayson tries to show everyone up by bringing Jules flowers the day before Valentine’s Day. I loved how he also brought flowers for Kirsten “in case Travis forgot”. I also loved how Jules thought they were bigger than hers even though they were the same size. Apparently Grayson’s father died on Valentine’s Day but being the closed off emotional guy means he doesn’t really want to talk about it. This triggers some primal need in Jules to see Grayson cry which she deems would be her double rainbow. Although I found this particular need a bit sadistic, I think it was well meaning in that Jules just wanted to know that Grayson treated her differently and feels closer to her.

Awkward Valentine’s Day award goes to Travis and Kirsten hands down. While I thought the whole shooting a sexy half naked picture event was strange, especially when Bobby took over, nothing could prepare me for the actual picture. How horrifying was that? At least Travis showed how much he cared about Kirsten by going through that ordeal.

Less awkward, but not by much was Andy and Bobby’s date. When Ellie declares Valentine’s Day as a foolish holiday that only reminds her of how long people have kept their Christmas decorations up, Andy decides to spend the night with Bobby. I am not sure what my favorite part of the date was. It is a cross between them throwing the penny into the wine glass ruining a proposal while whispering “penny can” and when Ellie confronts them and tells Andy that she didn’t expect him to act like a he got a rose on the gay hillbilly version of The Bachelor.

In the end, the Circle of Love was back. Grayson opened up the best he could to Laurie and also gave her the double rainbow she wanted. Kirsten got her horrifyingly sexy picture of Travis. And Ellie got the perfect date with Andy. Who wouldn’t want a giant Christmas decoration bonfire complete with camping chairs and champagne to celebrate love?

I realized tonight how much I will miss this show while it goes on hiatus to make room for Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine. Where else can you get lines such as “After you clean the pool, I am going to shave every part of you. That is so not a classy toast.”? What was your favorite line or moment from tonight’s episode of Cougar Town? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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