PARENTHOOD “A House Divided” Review

Parenthood (NBC) "A House Divided"

PARENTHOOD “A House Divided” Season 2 Episode 14 – What starts out as a tense, awkward bachelorette party for Jasmine takes a turn when the boys crash it in the “A House Divided” episode of PARENTHOOD. Meanwhile, Zeek takes Max camping without reading the instruction manual and Haddie and Kristina dig into their positions.

Parenthood‘s handling of the Kristina-Adam-Haddie situation continues to be almost uncomfortably real (in a good, if anxiety-inducing way) with the tension affecting everyone. Zeek’s grimace when he sees Adam and Kristina standing so stiffly in the doorway says it all, as does Camille’s body language throughout the episode. I do not envy her being stuck so firmly in the middle of this one, that’s for sure, and I admire her ability to walk the line of supporting Kristina while still offering her opinion. I admire it, but if I were her daughter-in-law, I would probably have the same reaction as Kristina.

Thank goodness Kristina finally cried at the end of the episode. She had all that fear, sadness, and anger locked up inside her with only tiny bits escaping through the cracks in her control and that’s not healthy. She finally leaned-a little on Camille, and then on Adam and she’s going to need to lean more in the future. Obviously Kristina’s mother being miserable after running away with her father at age sixteen is going to color her feelings for Alex, but Adam has come around and I hope she does, too. Camille is right that it’s a losing battle and Adam’s right that they have just dug in at this point. Haddie made an important and very mature step by stating her case so clearly (wow–all the light went out of Kristina’s face in a nanosecond there) and now it’s Kristina’s turn to face her fear-and her daughter-head on.

Julia hasn’t had much to do lately, and the trend continues here as most of her scenes are devoted to the “she’s so high-strung and anal” joke. I’m impressed (and like Jasmine, a little scared) by the embossed, scented invitations, though. At least baked Adam gave Julia the fun house she had wanted and I love her joyful reaction to Adam loving her food even as she practically wants to take it out of his mouth.

This may be the most consistently mature and empathetic Sarah has been as she asks Adam how he is, shares a moment of maternal commiseration with Kristina, knows when to stop teasing Julia, and talks honestly to Corey and then quits because she realizes shoe design isn’t her dream and she needs to make more money for her kids. Plus, she doesn’t even make a big deal out of the quitting out of the party. I’m so proud of the “great wandering Braverman.”

The Braverman Male Bonding Camping Experience doesn’t go as Zeek had planned, and while he absolutely should have read the instruction manual, I’m really not sure how much it would have helped because it seems that much of what is required to raise a child with Asperger’s comes strictly from on-the-job training. It’s a sweet moment of parental success when Adam, even while higher than a kite, says just what Max needed to hear, and I love Zeek’s “He’s a wonderful boy” at the end. That was some real male bonding right there.

Funny Lines:

“It’s tons of fun here. You, me, and a six year old.” Joel has the perfect “don’t antagonize the crazy person” tone here.

“It’s what we get for raising strong, independent girls. We should have crushed their spirits when we had the chance.”

“So, you’re not talking to your parents for a guy who won’t talk to you.” No one cuts through B. S. like Amber.

“You’ve definitely got a bad case of I don’t want to go to this party-itis.”

“Be my boyfriend.” Camille and Sarah together always make me happy.

“My crotch is vibrating.” Can Adam get high every week?

“That one makes your-whatever–pop.” I think Crosby does get high every week.

John Corbett finally arrives on Parenthood next week, as Drew spends time with his dad. I can’t wait to see how that shakes out for Amber and Drew and I hope we get plenty of Sarah as a growling mama bear.

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