NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Lockup” Review


NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Lockup” Season 2 Episode 14 – If I hadn’t already figured out that next week’s episode was going to be all about Callen, I might have been a little upset at his absence in this one. As it was though, there was a lot to keep my mind off of it. Things like finding out that Mo had been recruited by Hetty to help catch a terrorist group and then Sam getting himself sent to prison to help him out. The ending was awful as I didn’t think they’d kill off Mo and I know that’s going to affect him for a while.

Then of course there was my favorite part about this episode.. Nate! Nate was back! Yay!

Okay sorry, I had to get that out of my system. I’m a confirmed Nate lover and I was very sad to see him go earlier this season. Having him not only return, but also play a major role in this episode (and kick some major ass doing it) was like a total dream come true. I would think that even those who agreed with the show’s decision to get rid of his character would have to admit that he did a great job in tonight’s episode and even if they don’t, I don’t care because I am very happy with the results. I only hope he comes back again someday.

My favorite bits…

Wondering what in the world Kensi was eating when she walked into the office.

Sam telling Deeks to let Kensi “eat her feelings in peace.” – OMG that is such an accurate description.

Thinking that Kensi and I have more in common than I thought as I used to think Medieval Times was awesome when I was a kid.

Deeks warning Kensi about her language, until he found out the woman in question was an actual wench.

Callen finding the toy on his sister’s grave. Whoa.

Hetty claiming that a walk through the cemetery clears her mind. Funny, I don’t think it would do the same for me at all.

Finding out that Hetty was the one who gave Mo the deal.

Completely and totally freaking out with joy when I saw that Nate was the one Hetty sent in to protect Mo. I kid you not, there was an actual dance involved. Sure, it was on my couch, but it still totally counts.

Sam’s silence saying a lot when Hetty asked if he was going in because of the case or because he felt responsible for Mo.

Sam telling Hetty to keep Callen safe. Aw.

Deeks proclaiming a trip to a pole dancing class as the best assignment ever, until Kensi tried to claim that he was there to take a class to impress “Phil.” Ha!

Deeks ordering Kensi to put down the donut.. and then eating it himself.

Cracking up when Nell reported where the van had been reported running a red light, as it was right down the street from where I used to live as a kid.

Deeks saying “Seriously? A machine gun?”

Kensi asking Deeks to antagonize the guy with the machine gun. Seems like he wouldn’t have to try all that hard, since he pisses off Kensi all the time.

Finding out that Nate and Nell know each other? Hmm..

Hetty pointing out to Nate that Sam wasn’t alone in there, he had Nate.

Nell telling Eric that if Nate got any closer, he might as well just as the guys what they were talking about. LOL.

Nate telling Sam to drink some water, because it would help with his hearing. LOL, that’s gotta be the best coded way to tell someone to put in an earwig that I’ve ever heard.

Nate taking out a prisoner all on his own! Hell yeah!

Okay I know it was an act and all, but I still whimpered a little when Sam stabbed Nate.

Deeks posing as a dead paramedic and getting stripped by Sam. I’ll bet that never came up in the job description.

Sam finding Mo dead and Hetty telling him that was the way it had to be? Sorry, but I don’t think he’s gonna accept that for long.

Thinking that Sam was taking Mo’s death oddly well, until I saw him beating the hell out of the bag.

Hetty calling Callen to let him know he was missed, while watching Sam take out his anger and grief on the bag. Oh yeah, I’d say he was missed all right. Poor Sam.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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