HELLCATS “Worried Baby Blues” Review

Hellcats CW) Worried Baby Blues
HELLCATS “Worried Baby Blues” Episode 13 – I am new to the world of the HELLCATS, so, forgive me as I catch up on all that’s been happening, and judging by the dizzying array of events in tonight’s episode “Worried Baby Blues” I have my work cut out for me. In fact, I am still a little confused by who is doing what with and to whom and why it happened when but here we go…

Charlotte is pregnant and Wanda has convinced Savannah that their mom just has to know and that doesn’t go over very well. The calendar featuring the girls does go over well and Marti is engaging in felony breaking and entering in the hope of clearing Travis. In the process, she stumbles on an unlikely ally and they work together to take down Marsh.


Well, if you’ve been watching you probably aren’t, but I am a little. I am working on catching up.

And you know, I’m torn. I really wouldn’t consider this “my kind” of show, if you know what I mean. I tend to like something with a little more… a little less… well a little something different, but I have to admit, I am finding myself getting sucked into parts of the story. Let me repeat. Parts.

Hellcats is an incredibly uneven show. One minute I was involved with the story and listening to every word that was being said, the next I was paying more attention to the background music. The teen pregnancy story line is so cliché, so amazingly by the book, that I could almost predict each character’s lines before they even said them. I listened to a lot of background music during those moments of burning angst. Then at lightning and inexplicable speed we move to a break-in replete with danger, plot line and potential (gasp) danger.

In all honesty, I would had stopped halfway through the show, but there was some lovely violence against veggies when Savannah told her mom about Charlotte’s pregnancy and then later Marti and Alice managed a hair-pulling, ankle-biting fight that harkened back to the great days of prime time soaps. There was the (gasp) danger and one or two surprisingly bright moments of humor. Like I said, uneven.

So, where does this leave Hellcats and their “Worried Baby Blues”? I guess I am willing to give it another chance. Really, this isn’t my usual fair, wedding planners and baby books have no part in most of the shows I watch, but you know, Hellcats has the potential to become a guilty pleasure. Would like to know what’s up with Marti and Travis. Something certainly is.

I do have one huge complaint. And, maybe it shouldn’t bother me, but the show just ended. I mean it was like they said, “Oh, hey guys, we’re out of film, let’s pick up there next week.” I was shocked when I realized that was the end, not just a commercial break. We’ll pick up there next week Hellcats and I’ll see how our relationship works out.

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