LIE TO ME “Killer App” Review

LIE TO ME (FOX) Killer App

LIE TO ME “Killer App” Season 3 Episode 13 – This season of Lie To Me has been sort of up and down for me. I went between being disappointed that they were getting rid of Agent Reynolds, to happy that they wouldn’t have to be tied down to just cases from the FBI, then to being happy that Reynolds leaving would mean that Eli would get a chance to do more on the show, only to be confused when he and Cal mysteriously fought for the first few episodes and then reconciled just as mysteriously. For all the episodes that I really enjoyed, there were at least a couple that I didn’t like much at all. So I went into this season finale not sure how I felt. Did I want to see another season? Frankly if it was anything like this one, probably not.

By the end of this episode though, I found myself really looking forward to a new season. First off, the strange Eli/Cal fighting thing (whatever the heck that was) is finally done and I think we’re left with a much better relationship between them now. Plus we’ve got some new blood in the group with the addition of Key, who looks like he’s going to challenge Cal just as much as Cal will challenge him.

It was the final few moments of the episode that really clinched it for me though, when Emily got Cal to admit that he was actually in love with Foster. I never thought I’d hear him say that, even if I have suspected it sometimes. Do I think he’ll declare this love at the beginning of next season? Nope. But it’s still going to add that much more to the show, watching how he deals with those feelings while still keeping up their current relationship.

My favorite bits…

Cal walking up to Foster covered in blood??

Cal declaring that sitting with his thumb up his bum for six minutes was five minutes too long. Wait, so that means that one minute is okay?

Foster telling Claire that she had tried to warn her about Cal. I’m thinking that no amount of warning can prepare one for a meeting with that man.

Torres point out to Foster that she was doing that thing that she hates when Cal does it – personal favors on company time. Ooh, ouch.

Cal saying he didn’t knock charity because at one time, that was all he had.

Laughing so hard at all the noises Emily was making when Liam was stretching her legs. She was SOO doing that on purpose to freak out her dad.

The super tender hug Cal gave Foster when he found her outside Claire’s place.

Feeling awful for Foster as she told her story to Wallowski. It was so hard listening to her barely stay in control as she did it.

Cal continuously going after Wallowski’s hearing.

Key asking Eli why people ask “can I help you” when they really mean “who the hell are you?” – huh, he’s got a good point there.

Cal’s story about his bastard father beating him even after promising he wouldn’t as long as he told the truth.

Cal pulling Wallowski onto his lap to demonstrate why the pic of Claire’s grandmother was face down on the table. That was great.

Wallowski telling Cal to inform Kyle that she had a warrant for his arrest, if he happened to see him. while Kyle was standing right there.

Foster shoving Zack around as she asked him about what happened when he stabbed her friend.

Them using Zack’s own network against him by uploading everything he said onto his profile. Oh boy.

Key telling Cal that Liam wasn’t like the two of them, as he was an upstanding citizen.

Being more than a little shocked when Cal showed up and told Zack that he was recommending he be sent to a mental institution because a prison would only take away his freedom, but the other place would take away his mind. Wow.. just, wow.

Cal trying so hard to hide his laughter when Emily admitted the reason she broke up with Liam.

Emily getting her dad to admit his feelings for Foster.

What did you think of this season finale of Lie To Me? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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