HUMAN TARGET “Kill Bob” Review


HUMAN TARGET “Kill Bob” Season 2 Episode 11 – This episode felt like it was meant to air somewhere around Valentine’s Day because there sure was a whole lotta love happening in it. Not necessarily all the mushy kind either. I mean unless you count a wife who is apparently trying to kill her husband as the mushy kind. In the end though, the wife was actually trying to keep her husband alive and after nearly killing each other, the two of them were closer than ever.

Then there was Ames, who went off and married some guy in Vegas and apparently invited everyone to the wedding except for Winston. Not a lot of mushiness happening with that story though, since she and the new hubby were annulled by the time the credits rolled. Still not sure what the whole point of that storyline was, but I did get a couple of giggles out of it.

Finally there was Chance and Ilsa. I had been reluctant to talk too much about the obvious feelings growing between those two but I can’t ignore it any longer. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea, but I like that their relationship is building slowly and how the writers keep playing with the idea of trust between them. Ilsa lashed out at Chance multiple times tonight, obviously because of the re-opening of old wounds that came from the team finding that picture of her husband. I think she’s going to be surprised though when she finds out just how much Chance has loved in his past, despite the fact that she seems to think he’s incapable of it.

My favorite bits…

Totally dancing along to “Bust a Move” with Bob.

Bob referring to “Bust a Move” as rap. LOL.

Finding it hilarious that Guerrero was the one who trotted out the “married people live longer” stat.

Admiring Chance’s techniques with the fishing pole and the cleaver.. oh and the lights. Talk about making do with what you have.

Cracking up so hard at this:
Bob: “Did you see the assassin? What did they look like?”
Chance: “Yeah it looked a lot like your wife.”
Bob: “Wait. what??”

Bob’s second “Wait. what?” at Chance’s suggestion that they go ahead and let his wife try and kill him.

Guerrero informing Winston that him repelling down the side of a building was not a good idea and that yes, it was a crack about his size. Hey, at least he’s honest.

Finding out that Ames got married. Okay now it’s my turn – Wait. WHAT??

The accent that Winston put on when he found out that Ames married a guy named Alejandro.

Guerrero and the Russian guys each mumbling “come, come on.” in their own language.

Chance telling Bob that if they were lucky, his wife might try to kill both of them.

The gun hidden in the hair dryer.

Chance catching Angie with his Russian, all while Bob kept snarfing his food, still completely clueless.

Chance’s admiration that Angie had done the same trick with his gun that he had with hers.

Kinda admiring how Angie got the upper hand on Chance in the fight, even though I knew I was supposed to be rooting for him.

Really wanting to see that picture of Guerrero playing the sax.

Chance making Bob put his head up so she would shoot at him.

Feeling so bad for Chance when Ilsa said his suspicions about the woman in the photo were coming from a man who’d never had a relationship with someone he could trust. Little does she know.

Gasping out loud when Angie shot Bob.

LOVING the choice of music for the car chase/shoot out. “Breathe” by The Prodigy?? This show officially rocks. Hard.

Winston proclaiming he needed a drink after Chance shot Angie. Can’t say I blame him.

Bob and Angie.. erm Natalia declaring their love for each other.

Loving this line from Chance: “Love is never having to say you’re sorry, even after you shoot someone in the chest.” I totally want that on a t-shirt now.

Chance catching Ilsa’s tone when Bob and Natalia declared their faith in the institution of marriage.

Wanting to scream at Chance “tell her!!” when Ilsa claimed he’d never been in love. Sigh.. I totally understand why he didn’t tell her about the woman he loved. I’m sure he’ll tell her the truth someday.

What did you think of this episode of Human Target? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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