GOSSIP GIRL “Damien Darko” Review

GOSSIP GIRL “Damien Darko” Season 4 Episode 13 – What did you think of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl? I am pretty much upset with everybody on the show right now. Are all of them incapable of making a good decision?

Serena: Okay first off, she should just let Ben be. Her mother did a terrible thing but after the way things went last time she got tangled up in his life she should just leave him alone. Ben did a nice thing for Eric by speaking to him about Damien but there is something not right about him. Was it just me or was his run in with Damien at the end a bit psycho?

Chuck: Is Chuck playing Raina (guest star Tika Sumpter) or do you think he really likes her? Personally, I have a problem with the fact that her and her father are trying to take down Bass Industries so I’m hoping Chuck is just playing her. I thought Chuck shared a nice moment with Blair at the door to the W party, didn’t you?

Blair: I wanted to kill Blair this episode. It was awesome that she worked hard and got the internship herself, but I thought the whole reason (after she got busted by her mom for scheming last week) was to move on and do things the adult way? She lasted literally 2 seconds. Dan was right not to trust her and after lying to save Blair the job she still dismisses him as a friend? Not cool Blair! I thought her and Dan made good friends. They could have joined forces at W and both done well but I guess that is too mature for either of them.

Lily: Lily continues to pay for her actions. I thought it was actually sort of nice of her to pay off Ben. What did you think? I think Serena’s approach to helping Ben is somewhat naive.

Nate: Was Nate wrong for wanting to get his dad fired? His dad had a good point in that Chuck was sleeping with the enemy (literally) so what’s the harm in him collecting a pay check from them? I feel like Nate was out of line here – although I think his heart was in the right place.

Eric: Eric is normally the sane one – so I was pretty upset that he ran to Damien for help. What did you think about all this? I thought that Ben did a great job getting through to him but it looks like he’s going running straight back to Damien – and I’m worried he’ll just fall further.

Dan: Dan and Blair are so stupid. They both admitted how hard it was to get that internship so why would they gamble it away on a lame bet? Also, why would they start a huge fight in the middle of the W party? They both deserved to get fired and although Dan was able to make things good with Blair – what about himself? I hope he finds something else far away from Blair.

Rufus: It was nice of Rufus to give that room to Ben but I think he should be more worried about Eric and Dan who both seem to be gambling with their futures. He’s been wrapped around Lily’s finger lately and I feel like he needs to get more plugged in to what is happening with his family (instead of just following Lily around like a puppy).

I hope everyone is able to get their common sense back for next week because this week was just too much for me. Normally I have a few sane characters to fall back on, but this week everyone seemed to be making bad decisions. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, “Damien Darko”!

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