NIKITA “Free” Review

Nikita (CW) - Free

NIKITA “Free” Season 1 Episode 12 – NIKITA returns with rather a slow start, which is probably a necessary evil, in order to set the scene for upcoming episodes. Alex is finally an agent and living on the outside. Her job for now is to not blow her cover. This is not as easy as it sounds and not as fun either. She gets her first apartment and first car. And she meets her handsome new neighbor Nathan. Nikita realizes Division has implanted a hybridized tracking device and kill chip in Alex’s head and works to divert it. Nikita enlists an unwitting Ryan to help kidnap Birkhoff.

Unfortunately, for me Nikita‘s slow start means that the most entertaining part of tonight’s episode “Free” was when Alex tells Michael, “It’ll do.” I was waiting for her to finish with “Pig”. (Remember the line “That’ll do, Pig” from the movie Babe?) In turn, I connected Pig with Michael; will he or won’t he be a pig/jerk on the show from now on? Then my thoughts turned to the fact that Babe wanted to be a sheepdog, which is similar to how Alex is acting as something she is not – a real Division agent. But what is Alex’s “secret password”; and which side (Division or Nikita) will the password open doors to?

It will be interesting to see Alex juggle not only her lives outside and inside of Division, but also her relationships in Division, with Nikita, and in her normal everyday life. When she is inside, Alex struggles between her loyalty to Nikita and her duties at Division. Outside she has to add the difficult adjustment to a regular life. From the looks of her neighbor, I think she will manage the adjustment just fine. On this count, Amanda and Nikita are on the same page for once. They both warn Alex not to get too involved.

But what was that kissing scene with Ryan? I didn’t quite understand the fake flirtatious behavior that Nikita had with him. Nikita used Ryan to get the password from Birkhoff. And I assume that she will continue to use him. He is now motivated to find out about Division, Birkhoff, Michael, and even Alex, so his snooping is certainly what Nikita wants. And no doubt it will benefit her in some way. How will Ryan play into everything? On a side note, I liked the mirror image fighting between Nikita and Michael. It was a face-off but they were each fighting their own group of agents, both trying to get away first. It was a great representation of their relationship. Funny how it is always Nikita who manages to get away.

Do you think Nikita’s message to the Division recruits will actually bring anyone to her side? What did you think of episode 12 “Free” of Nikita? Comment below.