BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Ed Goes to Court” Review

BLEEP MY DAD SAYS Season 1, Episode 15 – “Ed Goes to Court” – The latest installment of BLEEP MY DAD SAYS picked up from last week, which is a first for the show. Jean Smart returned as next-door-neighbor and HOA VP Rosemary. After planting a kiss on her at the end of the prior week, Ed, now the new HOA prez, at first wants to just nail her, so to speak. This meant some funny lines like “It’s short walk of shame home.”

The Smart-Shatner chemistry was great, especially as Ed finally decides to court her as she wants. Even the scene in the clothing store with Bonnie, as he considers – and rejects – new duds had some funny bits, like Ed spotting a girl in a bikini top and short-shorts and asking how much for a lap dance.

Ed deciding on his dress uniform from his service days made him actually look dapper. Rosemary’s immediate reaction line was a zinger, too – “Why do you look like Captain Stubing?” The continuing banter between Shat and Smart really moved the show along, down the surprise finish regarding a speed bump and an actual romantic-sweet ending that wasn’t cloying.

The side story, a mustache-growing contest between Henry and Vince was utterly dumb, other than Henry’s initial reaction seeing Vince’s stache – “Holy Mario.” But the whole thing was throwaway, though Ed ripping of Henry’s fake stache – he just couldn’t grow one – was amusing enough, especially when Ed said he didn’t know it was fake.

Utterly unnecessary was a cameo from what-talent fame monger hype thing Tila Tequila (why?), though it was good to see the great Orson Bean in a brief appearance.

So overall, “Ed Goes to Court” was another good episode of Bleep My Dad Says. We’ll see how things play out with Smart’s character, but for now she’s a gem of an addition to the show.