Battlestar Galactica-Luke Pasqualino-Ben Cotton

Syfy announces its first casting news about BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD & CHROME since we learned of this prequel project in October. reports that Luke Pasqualino (The Apparition, Skins-UK) has been cast as young, brash fighter pilot Ensign William Adama, who just recently graduated from the Academy and is eager to see some action at war. But on the Galactica – the newest Battlestar in the Colonial fleet, he clashes with his commanding officer, played by Ben Cotton (Hellcats, Riese, Harper’s Island). Cotton’s character Coker has 45 days left on his tour of duty and wants nothing more to do with fighting and war. Eventually the two men bond over a routine mission that turns dangerous and becomes critical for the fleet.

Blood & Chrome is set during the 10th year of the First Cylon War, which takes place between the shows Caprica and Battlestar Galactica. The end of the First Cylon War also was depicted in the webisode series, Battlestar Galactica: Razor Flashbacks, released in 2007.

Written by Michael Taylor and executive produced by David Eick, Blood & Chrome goes into production (reportedly with virtual sets produced by digitally scanning the previous Battlestar Galactica sets) this year and will air a two-hour pilot on Syfy either at the end of 2011 or early 2012.

  • Noseynosemeister

    Sounds very cool. Disappointed that Caprica got cancelled but optimistic about this show. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…. 🙂

  • Whurlburt

    What Caprica Was Initially Intended To Be About And Why Blood And Chrome Was Created

    When Syfy initially created Caprica’s pilot movie, with the intent on making it into an ongoing series, Syfy had certain expectations that would happen as the show progressed. One thing that they based some information on was a time line for William Adama. This time line stated that William Adama would be 16 at the start of the First Cylon War. This information is actually contained in the BSG Bible, which was even used to create BSG: Re-Imaged Series. This was basically a sort of guideline to help the writers, by giving them somewhat of a guide to use for the series. Not all of this information was followed to the ‘T’, but was a general guideline to keep them somewhat on track.

    When they started to create Caprica, they also pulled out this BSG Bible. The age of William Adama was initially established by this, as was the direction upon which Caprica would eventually lead into. Below is the actual time line and information pertaining to it, that Syfy initially used, concerning Adama and his age, when creating Caprica:

    ” William Adama
    William Adama was born on the colony of Caprica, in a small coastal community. His mother Evelyn was an accountant and his father, Joseph, was an attorney who specialised in criminal defence and civil liberties. At the age of 16 his parents divorced and he applied to the Colonial Fleet Academy. That same year, the Cylon War broke out. Adama’s training accelerated along with all other midshipmen. After 3 years Adama was commissioned to work as a flight pilot; he gained a further two years of training before Adama joined his first squadron. He was a gifted, natural pilot and he shot down a Cylon fighter in his first mission.”

    This is the reason, Syfy initially must have thought that Caprica would be a good prequel to do for BSG, as well a the following reasons.

    1) It could give background into the creation of the cylons. Also I just recently noticed, at the opening scenes, in the movie ‘The Plan’ the Hybrid actually states and tells about Apotheosis as being before the beginning of all things (just a quick thought I had concerning this, religious viewpoint, upon which I thought they just made it up to bring something into the religious aspect in Caprica, not that it was actually talked about or referred to in BSG…lol. I guess it was.) Just a quick thought I noticed and wanted to throw it in. Who knows if this was also brought up in some of the other Hybrid’s rantings in the actual series. They talked so fast at times you couldn’t really understand everything they said, anyways…lol.

    2) Once this was done, apparently they had planned to advance to just before the first cylon war, from the onset of the show (to show this aspect as well), which would lead into showing the battles etc. in this war.

    3) They also must have originally thought that Adama would be fighting in this war from the beginning (or there sometime soon), being that they originally used his age time line of that being 16 years old at the start of the first cylon war. They most likely didn’t discover that this age would effect him being almost 70 for the start of BSG, until sometime after the pilot was made and started making the actual episodes. Essentially, this would make Adama 28 at the end of the First Cylon War and adding another 40 years, would make him at minimum 68, to start off the BSG series. At this point is most likely when they noticed the show wouldn’t be able to show what they were originally leading into to have the show be about.

    So they naturally had to fix this time line error, since the pilot had already been shown, and at least play out the rest of the season’s episodes, especially since they were really quick about making them, I mean they were all shot by the end of February 2010 and only needed the CGI added to them.

    Now they needed a way out to bring forth a show that would really show what Caprica was intended to be about, Adama fighting in the first cylon war. Dubbed Blood and Chrome. They just needed a way to bring this about, so they figured they would start with webisodes, hence the initial greenlight to do this. Also they had already started Caprica, but then saw the pre-production of Blood and Chrome and finally decided they would bring it to TV, instead, which was their original intent with Caprica.

    This would be why everything was, in essence trying to be brushed under the rug with Caprica, and the quick change and all aspects that were done to get rid of it. I know there are going to be some that will keep bringing up…BUT THE RATINGS!!!!!. That’s a crock and the second half was set up to fail, the first half was people not realizing the direction of Caprica and where it was heading, and only seeing a soap opera/ Dallas type show (because that is what Syfy promoted it to be), so the Rating issues will not fly with me, no matter how many times and how many people want to throw this issue out…lol. If everything was going to go the way Syfy thought and Adama would be fighting in the beginning of the first cylon war, they would definitely have done a better job with maintaining and holding out on the series until this aspect came about, and not canceled the show.

    My point is, I can see a better picture as to why Syfy may have wanted to get rid of Caprica and go with Blood and Chrome, since essentially Blood and Chrome is where they were initially intending to go with Caprica, believing that Adama would be 16 at the start of the first cylon war. After all character recognition is the best aspect a show can have to make it work. So they wanted to bring forth a show that would allow Adama to be fighting in the first cylon war, no matter how or what they needed to do to make it happen.

    Caprica was initially intended to lead into having William Adama fighting in the First Cylon War. When that got bungled by his age scenario. That’s when Blood and Chrome came about, in an attempt to do the same thing, have Adama fighting in the first war…lol.

    I just like to know reasons behind methods upon which a decent show is canceled just to bring about another show that would show the same thing (the first cylon war), upon which the one canceled was already heading to do, on top of give us more history and background along the way.

    Knowing what their whole original plan was, makes it easier to understand, that they were not simply just trying to show us background and history, but basically lead into Adama fighting in this war, one way or another. The main and only aspect they wanted was Adama fighting in the war, everything else was circumstantial. Plain and simple