Idea for LIE TO ME Claimed Stolen

Lie to Me (Fox) - Tim Roth

Questions have surfaced, concerning the creation and development of Fox’s hit show LIE TO ME. The show starring Tim Roth is supposedly based on the novel The Interview Room by Roderick Anscombe, which is about a psychiatrist, who is an expert at detecting lies, confronted with a challenging patient.

John Gertz Productions claims to have acquired the screen rights to the novel in 2005 and turned it into a screenplay entitled “Lie to Lie”. According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Gertz Productions and Anscombe say that after discussing with Fox “specific plot lines not only for the pilot episode, but also for subsequent episodes,” they worked with Fox about turning the idea into a TV series. John Gertz Productions and Anscombe charge that Fox deliberately wanted to cut them out of the deal by “falsely stating they were abandoning the project”. Fox then developed a “strikingly similar, if not identical” show. John Gertz Productions and Anscombe are now suing Fox, Executive Simon Andreae, and Imagine Entertainment for breach of contract and breach of confidence.

Fox’s Lie to Me airs on Mondays at 9pm.