Betsy Brandt Visits NO ORDINARY FAMILY

Betsy Brandt_NOF

Less than a week after announcing the impending visit of Tricia Helfer to NO ORDINARY FAMILY, reports that Betsy Brandt from Breaking Bad is the next lovely lady in line to appear on the ABC show. The episode in which Brandt will be guest star is set to air on February 8. Titled “No Ordinary Double Standard”, it was written by Sallie Patrick and directed by Paul Edwards. Brandt will play Stephanie’s (Julie Benz) scientist friend, Dr. Lena Perkins, who becomes the victim of an attack. Ethan Suplee of My Name is Earl also guest stars in this episode as Tom Seeley, the villain of the day.

ABC’s No Ordinary Family airs on Tuesdays at 8-9pm.