Willie Garson Talks About WHITE COLLAR

Willie Garson White Collar

USA’s WHITE COLLAR has returned for the second half of season 2 and I’m betting that this week’s flashback episode is bound to become a fan favorite. Daemons TV was there when co-star Willie Garson talked about Mozzie surviving a serious gunshot wound, the relationship between Mozzie and Neal, his favorite toupees from the flashback episode and more.

About whether we will learn more about Mozzie’s past.

Willie said he loves how the show is always giving out tidbits about the characters’ pasts, for instance how we learned only fairly recently that Mozzie was a foster kid. He expects that in addition to what fans will learn about Mozzie this week’s episode, there will always be more of those tidbits coming out. He also wanted to be sure that everyone knew that the kid playing Mozzie’s first partner in this week’s flashback episode is in fact his own son. He is one very proud papa.

On the relationship between Mozzie and Neal.

Describing the relationship between Mozzie and Neal, Willie said he felt it was really solid and that in some ways the audience is still catching up to them. Mozzie and Neal are very close and the audience will continue to see how much they really, really need each other. Regarding the flashbacks, he said that he was a little surprised that Mozzie and Neal’s relationship didn’t go back farther, but then joked that it was probably because of his “advanced age” (ha, right) and when he thought about it, the time actually did make sense for the age of Neal.

On his favorite “Mozzie-ism”

Willie said Mozzie’s belief about the moon landing being a hoax is one of his favorites, he loved that one and thought it was hilarious.

On what it was like being shirtless in the premiere.

Willie had a good laugh at that question. As he pointed out, it’s not like he was having any “sexy fun” in the scene, but was lying on a bed covered in synthetic blood. He said that the experience was actually quite annoying as the blood was very cold.

On all of the toupees he will be wearing in this week’s episode.

Willie said that his favorite of them all was the bouffant style one that he wore with the goatee. He said it was so horrible that he actually saved a picture of himself wearing it and it’s now the screensaver on his phone. Wearing the toupees he found interesting and a little strange. He’s not used to seeing himself with hair as he’s been bald for so long. He said that he does have one toupee that he saved from another film because it actually did look a lot like his real hair (back when he had it), but didn’t keep any of the ones from this week’s episode.

On his reaction to finding out that Mozzie was getting shot.

Willie remarked that he actually was really excited when he got the news. He knew of course that there was little chance the writers would kill off Mozzie, so he wasn’t worried about that at all. He was excited for the fans and their reaction as he knew that they might now be as confident about Mozzie’s survival and he had fun with that. He said that he and everyone else on the show do what they do for the fans and watching how fast the news flew across places like Twitter, was very satisfying (and surprising) to see. He also said that the scenes in the premiere were a little strange to shoot as his son was there and kept being a smart alec and asking him who he would live with if daddy died. Willie also said that the shooting will continue to affect Mozzie for a while and that it will take him a while not to be so cautious as he’s still a little skittish.

On what excites him most about playing Mozzie.

Willie said that Mozzie is the closest character to himself that he’s ever played. Mozzie’s views of the world and his humor are very similar to Willie’s and he enjoys that. He joked that sometimes every third or fourth line out of Mozzie’s mouth is actually coming from him. He also remarked that the writers let all of them bring a lot of themselves to their roles on the show, which is great.

On what advice he would give to actors.

Willie actually teaches an acting workshop and he said one piece of advice he always gives to his students is “bring yourself to the role.” He feels that every person brings something different to a part and that’s what makes it interesting.

On whether he might ever step behind the camera.

Willie does do some work behind the camera as he currently develops shows and has had some reality shows of his picked up. He is also starting to explore the idea of doing some directing and admitted that he may start doing that on White Collar as it is being discussed currently.

On what he would like to see from Mozzie in the future.

Willie said that he would always love to see Mozzie get married and have kids or maybe just date “lots and lots of hot women,” but he was also quick to point out that it would probably never happen as what he wants matters very little. He did mention though that he does expect more Mozzie-centric episodes as they all recognize the fact that he’s become a very popular character with the audience. He also noted that Peter will continue to find more ways to use Mozzie as the two of them are getting along better and Peter has seen how valuable Mozzie can be on a case.

A special message to all fans and those especially who blog about the show.

At the end of the interview, Willie took a moment to thank everyone on the call. He told us how important all of us White Collar fans and bloggers are and how much it means to every one of them making the show. He said that they do notice what we are all doing, they talk about it all the time and they know what it means. He said that they “appreciate it beyond words that we can express.”

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