SHAMELESS “Aunt Ginger” Advance Review

SHAMELESS (Showtime) "Aunt Ginger"

SHAMELESS “Aunt Ginger” Season 1 Episode 3 – Money is a more pressing matter than usual when the gas bill is overdue, but the Gallaghers have an even bigger problem on their hands when one of Frank’s transgressions comes to light in the “Aunt Ginger” episode of SHAMELESS. I’ve seen the episode early, and it’s another winner.

Steve is still out in the cold what with his kidnapping of Frank and all. Of course, after Frank’s latest stunt, you have to wonder if everyone wouldn’t be better off if he had just stayed in Canada. Well, everyone except the viewers, anyway, since Macy is such a delight to watch as a leading contender for worst father of the year. He’s both conscious and much more integrated into the family this episode, making for some terrific interactions. I love how Lip owns him in one tiny moment. Anyway, Fiona may or may not be trying to move on, but Steve isn’t and I can’t help rooting for these two crazy kids even though logic says Steve should run away while he still can.

Layers are being slowly peeled off the characters in interesting ways. Ian shines as his complicated relationship with Kash is explored a bit and a misunderstanding with classmate Mandy snowballs. Cameron Monaghan does some excellent, subtle work here. Ian and Lip’s relationship continues to be a highlight, with Lip going above and beyond for his brother.

Also doing great work is Emma Kenney as Debbie, who gets to show some simple (and rare) joy and who shows off a sweetly vulnerable side. She may be the Gallagher with the most humanity and I hope Fiona can protect her.

This episode has more emotional weight than the first two, with a light touch of wistfulness. It makes for a nice balance with the always present dark comedy and lighter funny moments. Laughing at the Gallaghers is great, but caring about them while you laugh is even better.

A few choice non-spoilery lines:

“What are your intentions?” Nice try, Frank.

“Enjoy getting herpes.” Hey–Carl gets a line!

“The bat is for killing, not for taking to school.”

“To serve and protect–” Kev is hilarious the entire episode. The Gallaghers need to borrow more, not less, stuff to keep him around.

“He had the first colored penis I ever kissed.”

“She didn’t mean to pee in the plant.”

This is another great episode and I’m impressed at how well it uses so much of the cast. The balance of drama and humor is just about perfect and the characters are all terrific. Shameless is definitely addictive.

After you’ve watched Shameless on Showtime tonight at 10pm eastern/9pm central, I hope you’ll come back and post what you thought.

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