BIG LOVE “A Seat At The Table” Advance Review

BIG LOVE "A Seat at the Table"

On tonight’s episode of BIG LOVE we continue our journey with the Henricksons as they attempt to pull themselves together and pave a new way in light of all of the media attention and backlash. While last week’s episode focused on the family as a whole in crisis, this week’s episode centers more around the three wives. While Margene almost completely regresses and Barb turns into the ultimate preacher offering scriptures and blessings, Nicki tries to remain as cold as ever. The women do all have one thing in common, however, a desire to be consoled by their mothers. This is successful in various degrees, with the least being of course Margene whose mother is no longer alive. When that avenue doesn’t work, the wives try to nuture others whether it be their children, other sister wives or their own inner child.

Where is Bill in all of this? Trying to rectify his increasingly nonexistent senate seat while almost ramming his polygamist reform agenda down just about everyone’s throats, willing or not. Since he cannot control what is happening politically, he tries to control what is happening at home without bothering to try to understand what the issues are. This results in devastation from Margene, indignation from Barb, and of course coldness from Nicki.

“A Seat At The Table” is a good episode. I enjoyed watching the wives in their attempts to pull themselves up after being knocked down, Margene the hardest of them all. We also get to see a rather sad and desolate scene involving Nicki’s mother, Adaleen, as well as one involving Bill’s mother, Lois. And then there is Alby. Good old conniving scheming evil Alby. I love his character. Finally, we have the most moving scene I think in all of the series, involving Nicki and Barb. For that scene alone, I would recommend this episode.

Tune in tonight to Big Love on HBO at 9:00 ET and then come back here and tell me what you thought. What do you think will happen with the wives and Bill? Will any of the women on this show ever find peace? How do you think this series will end? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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