BEING HUMAN (Syfy) “There Goes the Neighborhood (Part 2)” Advance Review


BEING HUMAN “There Goes the Neighborhood (Part 2)” Season 1 Episode 2 – We get to know the roommates and those around them a little better just as Aidan, Josh, and Sally start understanding each other better in the “There Goes the Neighborhood (Part 2) episode of BEING HUMAN, which airs tonight on Syfy. I was lucky enough to preview the episode and it’s an impressive continuation of the premiere.

When we last saw our supernatural roommates, Josh and Emily were trapped in his (suddenly not so) safe room, Aidan was succumbing to temptation in the vampire clubhouse, and Sally was alone and helpless. The cliffhanger is resolved quickly and we also get a quick look at how Sally, Aidan, and Josh came to be with an added bonus origin story in a nice use of flashbacks.

Aidan gets the most attention tonight as someone from his past comes back to haunt him. Obviously the tortured vampire story has been done many times, but this is a good take on it made better by the Aidan’s contentious relationship with Bishop.

I think adding Emily is an incredibly smart move on the part of the Being Human writers. She gives Josh a great emotional anchor and shows the price paid for being a monster. I also just plain like the character, so I hope we see a lot of her.

Meaghan Rath does a nice job as Sally, but there’s not much to her story yet, and until her world is broadened, the show is going to drag a bit when she’s the focus. We see more of Danny in this episode, and he sheds some light on their life together.

One quibble I have with the show is that it has a much more obvious “Woe is me” vibe than the original. I’m not a big fan of montages that show just how troubled and brooding the characters are and I hope the conversations about how awful they each have it ease up as we get deeper into the series. Sally is the worst offender, of course, given her special situation of being trapped–not to mention dead, but Aidan and especially Josh do their share of “Look how I suffer.”

A few choice (non-spoilery) lines:

“Okay, he’s quirky.” Aidan knows his roommate well.

“Danny’s pretty open. He voted for Hillary.” Hee.

“You’re a smart little doggie, aren’t you? Yes you are.” Creepy.

“Boys, boys. You’re both pretty.” I’m not sure anyone other than Mark Pellegrino could have tried to fill Jason Watkins’ enormous shoes, and I’m glad no one else is trying.

All in all, Being Human is off to a good start. If it can ease up on the emo as the chemistry between the roommates develops, I think it will be in great shape. I hope it continues to veer away from the original plot-wise and becomes very much its own entity and not just that American remake.

After you’ve watched Being Human on Syfy tonight at 9pm eastern/8pm central, I hope you’ll read Muffy’s full review and post what you thought.

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