AMERICAN DAD “Stanny Boy and Frantastic” Review

AMERICAN DAD Stanny Boy and Frantastic
AMERICAN DAD “Stanny Boy and Frantastic” Season 7 Episode 10 – Tonight’s episode of AMERICAN DAD, “Stanny Boy and Frantastic” follows Stan and Francine in another standard sitcom scenario with that good old American Dad twist. In an attempt to spice up their private lives, Stan and Francine decide they need another couple to spend time with. They finally meet Tom and Cammy, a couple of fast paced adrenaline junkies and borderline alcoholics.

Francine was pretty ditzy in this episode and while she’s normally a character I enjoy, I was irritated with her constantly saying stupid things even if it was just to show how nervous she was to have new friends. Stan was a good counterbalance to it though and his prodding her to take it down a notch made her annoying moments a little bit funnier.

After their first night out with Tom and Cammy we get an idea of what Stan and Francine must have been like in the days before they had responsibilities and fully functioning kidneys. Francine and Stan make a hilarious team of drunks and are playful with one another and their family. It almost makes you wonder if everyone in the Smith household would be happier if they just drank a bit more. The charm wears off and the next morning, they’re back to their old selves – only with missing memories and projectile vomiting. A quick call from Tom and Cammy though and their insecure nature takes over and they’re willing to smile through a painful hangover and hide the existence of their children to secure their new friendship.

The highlights of this episode were definitely in the physical gags. At first the groin punching bit was only moderately funny, but it paid off in the end with Stan getting punched in the groin himself. When Tom and Cammy suggest freestyle running as a fun morning activity it’s a laugh to see how agile and fit Francine is in contrast to how incapable Stan is. Stan is so prideful he keeps acting cool despite being stabbed with glass and having his shin bone poke through the skin of his leg. If that wasn’t cringe worthy enough (or if maybe you forgot you were watching American Dad) a dog runs up to gnaw on his exposed bone. Gross… and pretty funny.

Meanwhile, Roger, Steve and Klaus have a small, mostly forgettable sub plot where they order a useless candy cotton shooter from an infomercial. The humor was good, and while the story didn’t really go anywhere, I probably would have enjoyed seeing a bit more of Roger’s antics for humor alone.

It’s obvious the Smiths can’t keep up with their new friends so the next best thing in their minds is to make Tom and Cammy slow down by having children. At no time do the Smiths stop to consider why they are unable to maintain friendships – that maybe the reason they haven’t any friends is because they’re selfish and destructive. Tom and Cammy miraculously get pregnant the next day and as expected their plan backfires. After a couple of awkward abortion gags and Francine very unconvincingly trying to tell Tom and Cammy that life can still be awesome with kids, the Smiths get dumped. The Smiths didn’t believe their lives were awesome with kids, so it’s no surprise that Tom and Cammy would have no interest in a similar life or in salvaging their friendship.

In the end no one is a bigger fan of Stan and Francine than Stan and Francine. They’re happiest alone anyway and as long as they remember that, they’re just fine.