PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 5 Review

Primeval - series 4

PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 5 – A few weeks away from the end of series 4, we’ve finally hit upon a surprisingly strong episode that reminds us how good Primeval can be when done right.

Prehistoric worm-like creatures have been terrorizing an idyllic coastal town for decades – apparently. The locals refuse to acknowledge the legend. The ARC team are dispatched to investigate an unstable anomaly, end up finding and cornering the creatures, and solve both problems with volatile liquids. Awesome.

I won’t lie, it took me a minute to work out exactly what Connor was saying. There were keywords and the big ‘aha!’ moment and major confusion on my end. In case you’re still going ‘…what?’, it was apparently something to do with the energy from the anomaly passing through acid (created from stripping dyes from diesel, which they then sell as commercial fuel) which caused electrolysis which was stopping the anomaly from opening fully. And bismuth was involved. And petrol diluting the acid, which stopped the electrolysis, which slapped the cat who killed the rat who ate all of the cheese. Sheesh. Does anyone else have the urge to study chemistry just to fact check this show?

Anyway, the day was saved and all is well, except for in the B-plot. And the C-plot.

The B-plot was Emily’s kidnapping by Ethan. Thanks to her taking one of Matt’s black boxes, he’s able to find her quite quickly (with help from an hilarious Lester). Ethan, who is apparently from the future, gets away yet again. This leads to Matt meeting with Gideon, where we learn that Ethan is important; he’s part of the reason behind Matt joining the ARC and trying to get into Prospero.

What will Ethan do that makes him so dangerous? How did he comes to be with Emily’s group of travelers? How does Matt figure into all of this? We’ll have to wait and find out, but the plots converging definitely helped make this episode one of the strongest of series 4 so far. (Sidenotes: I’ll eat my nonexistent hat if Ethan ends up being the future son of Matt and Emily. And can someone teach Ciarán to run without looking like a complete wally?)

The C-plot was Philip offering Connor a job with his company, Prospero, which would allow Connor to study the anomalies but mean him giving up his fieldwork. Connor finally declines and instead makes a deal with Philip which allows him to do both, basing his studies out of the ARC. But there’s something else going on here, surely. Why does Philip want Connor out of the field so badly? This is the third episode in which he’s tried to keep Connor off the ARC field team.

Is Philip an antagonist trying to keep an important member of the ARC team out of play – or is there are some more benign reason for him wanting Connor off the frontline? Maybe the real aim is to hurt Abby since Connor being off the team would probably affect her adversely. On the surface Abby seems to be stronger than back in series 3, both mentally and physically, but she keeps making bad decisions. Is Philip trying to get rid of the one person who truly wants to look after and study the creatures from the anomalies?

I don’t know what happened between episodes 4 and 5, but Jess has turned into the type of character I could easily like. Gone is the slightly daft hairstyle, the badly coordinated block colours and the overwhelming peppiness – but her snark is still firmly in place and it’s much more tolerable after these aesthetic tweaks. This is the good.

The bad? This episode worked so well because Becker and his men weren’t in it. Without the reliable shots or disposable muscle, the ARC team had to split up and get down to business, a move which kept the tension high throughout the episode. While we know Becker was on medical leave following his injury last episode, there was no explanation for the obvious absence of his men, though they had plenty of time to follow and find Abby and Connor. As much as I adore Becker, this really gives us food for thought.

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