MEDIUM “Me Without You” Review

MEDIUM "Me Without You" CBS

MEDIUM “Me Without You” Season 7 Episode 13 – Many brilliant shows are dealt a swift death after their first season. Even worse are the shows with enormous potential which do not survive long enough to see their potential realised. Worse still are the shows which started brilliantly but linger on until even the most ardent fans are sick of it. Medium managed to elude these television tragedies. Sure, it had some stinker episodes, but it rarely felt complacent. It always pushed the boundaries and took risks thematically and stylistically. When people talk about the lack of depth in network television, they clearly have not seen Medium.

As creepy and dark and twisted and downright scary as Medium could be, watching it was unlike watching a cheap thrills horror. This is because Medium was so firmly and eerily grounded in banal domestic life. This episode ended going right for the jugular: threatening the relationship between Joe and Allison. They ended the series on a swooping, eternal kiss. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Joe and Allison are easily one of the best television couples ever. An episode without Joe is always a lesser episode of Medium. An episode without Allison…well, Arquette is the show, isn’t she?

In this episode Joe’s plane goes down and he dies. Allison refuses to believe this after a dream (seven years later) which shows him washed up on a beach. Scanlon and Devalos were each given their final stoic scenes.

I was sad that the last scene we would ever see of the adorable Marie and the scene stealing Bridgette DuBois was so short and dismissive, but it was completely in keeping with the tone of the show, which has made drastic efforts to steer clear of easy but forgettable melodrama. Ariel returns in the seven years later segment for a brief pep talk with her mother, and then she was gone. Instead we were left with a pleasant but unfamiliar older actress to play Marie while the three girls who have grown up over the past seven years on our screens bid farewell not with tearful, self-indulgent scenes, but with the memories we have of their characters’ lives.

It was a solid episode of Medium, an entertaining and sad final episode. I will miss it.

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