HUSTLE “Clearance From A Deal” Review

Hustle BBC

HUSTLE “Clearance From A Deal” Series 7 Episode 3 – This week’s HUSTLE is a classic Ocean’s 11 style set-up as the team set out to con the un-conable and pull one over infamous American casino boss Marcus Wendell.

This week it’s honour not money at stake as the gang looks to clear the name of Albert’s Great-Grandfather who was accused of being a cheat at a Wendell casino roulette table. The set-up is simple if Albert can break the bank at the roulette table then his grandfather’s picture is removed from the rouges gallery kept in the casino, if not Marcus will use his connections to black-list our favourite team of grifters and their days on the con will be over.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. The team must be on top form to match Marcus’ righteous Jedi-like knowledge and they pull out all the stops to try and con without the usual element of surprise.

As it turns out the whole episode was a decoy as Marcus’ downfall is the dodgy roulette table his ancestors used to cheat on but the episode was fast paced and fun as the team play out the fake set-up.

My favourite part of this week’s Hustle was the ‘Wallet Weight’ con within a con. Mickey Bricks in full cockney wide-boy flow against the apparently clueless mark was hilarious. They were of course ridiculously over the top posh and a little too obvious a target but it’s this almost cheesy humour that makes Hustle so enjoyable. Mickey, not so subtly, dropping numbers into his cockney rhyming slang was straight out of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – obvious and cheesy but just clever enough to be entertaining. Just don’t try it in your local on a Saturday night!

The code of the con was tested and shone through this week as the team came together to defend Albert’s family name in a battle of honour. They each threw their best game at Marcus only to have it smashed out the park but it was fun to watch. Emma’s fake SatNav voice over and the set-up of the auction not enough to pull the wool over Marcus’ eyes. Over the top, yes. Entertaining, definitely!

Hustle is as cheesy as a carry-on film but with just enough trickery to keep it from descending into the ridiculous it’s snappy quick and shamelessly fun.

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