YOUNG JUSTICE “Welcome to Happy Harbor” Review

Young Justice (Cartoon Network)
YOUNG JUSTICE “Welcome to Happy Harbor” Season 1 Episode 3 – And we’re off, as the YOUNG JUSTICE team begins to jell….slowly. And that’s okay.

Set in the multi-verse on Earth-16 (If you’re a comics fan, DC Universe, you get it), our teen heroes settle into the original mountain headquarters of the Justice League, with android Red Tornado as a mentor. This show is just loaded with comic book references you gotta love, like mention of Superman and Green Lantern hollowing out the mountain.

The initial opening gave us Speedy’s return as he works with Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad to take down a super-mobster, but still refuses to join the team. Still, one gets the feeling we’ll see him again.

Other fun stuff: Miss Martian hit on by the boys, her burning cookies, her bio-ship (very cool), Superboy’s chip on his shoulder, still trying to find his way in the real world, out of Project Cadmus.

The big challenge of “Mister Twister,” with Red Tornado like powers was enough of a threat (he sure destroyed a lot of the local town maliciously). His trouncing of the team until they really worked like a team was effective, too. The big reveal of a robot inside a robot, and the man behind it being T.O. Morrow, creator of the Red Tornado (though he wasn’t identified, but that mustache? A sure giveaway) was another DC history delight.

Seeing Miss Martian rise to the occasion with her telepathic and shape shift abilities, Superboy still hit first and think later, and Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad get their acts together were all steps in right direction for the group. Plus, the sly comments of Tornado having a heart – albeit mechanical – and excellent hearing was a capper. Guess he’s on for now as the team’s watcher, though word is we’ll be seeing plenty of hero cameos as the season progresses. And we still have to meet the female archer Artemis and find out her story.

So, “Welcome to Happy Harbor,” was the start of not so much a story arc, but a tale of the developing Young Justice team. Can’t wait for next week.