THE OFFICE “Ultimatum” Review

The Office Cast

THE OFFICE “Ultimatum” Season 7 Episode 13 – Last night was the return of THE OFFICE after winter hiatus. To recap, last episode we were left wondering if Holly and AJ had gotten engaged, which is where “Ultimatum” picks up.

Michael explains that Holly gave AJ an ultimatum; that he had to propose to her before the New Year or they were through. The Office opens with Michael set to find out about Holly’s engagement. With Erin’s help, he creates two different boxes to help him cope through both scenarios. A happy box full of noise makers, confetti, etc. if she isn’t engaged, and a sad box of two bottles of scotch, gummy worms, and a sponge for his tears (among other things) if she is.

Turns out that Holly isn’t engaged, but she and AJ are still together… something that Michael finds out after pulling out the things in his happy box and celebrating with Erin. Which was probably my favorite scene from the episode.

Dwight, Daryl, and Andy’s antics were also funny… but I’m pretty partial to Andy. His rollerskating antics to Dave Matthews was one of the few times of “Ultimatum” that made me laugh… and it was more for love of the character and not that the scene was actually all that funny.

I hate to say that I’ve given up on The Office, but… I think I’ve given up on The Office. At this point I think I’m watching for Steve Carell’s exit, since the show just isn’t one of my favorite ½ hours of television any longer… but I’ve hung on this long, so I feel that I need to be loyal and see where the writers take the show.

There were scenes of “Ultimatum” that are worth mentioning:

  • Pam’s “resolution” meeting that results in Kevin being forced to eat broccoli
  • Michael’s “happy” video that he played when finding out that Holly wasn’t engaged to AJ, and the celebration scene with Erin that followed
  • Creed’s cartwheel at the very end of the episode
  • We did learn one important thing during The Office this week – Holly called AJ and told him that they needed to cool things off a little bit; at least until she returns from Scranton. I still have the theory that Michael and Holly will be together as Carell’s final show, so this seems like a perfect set up to make that work!

    What say you? What did you think of the return of The Office?

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