THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Love Car Displacement” Review

The Big Bang Theory 'The Love Car Displacement'

THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Love Car Displacement” Season 4 Episode 13 – This week the gang head off to speak at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies Symposium on the Impact of Current Scientific Research on Societal Interactions – and Amy brings her brand new bestie, Penny, with her. This newfound friend status comes as a surprise to Penny, but she’s lured in by the promise of a spa hotel.

Naturally, things don’t go smoothly. Differences of opinion, travel rearrangements for Penny, sleeping rearrangements for everyone, and a spat between Howard and Bernadette lead to tension in the group, culminating in the gang’s debate deteriorating into a thinly veiled squabble over sex and penises. Or something.

I watched this episode twice over to try and figure out how I felt about it. The premise was good and there were a few amusing moments, but it mostly felt like a vehicle (no pun intended) for bad, vague sex jokes. Penny felt like she had been called forth from two seasons back; gone was the girl who’d started spouting Star Wars trivia, this Penny was baffled by Star Trek’s ‘neutral zone’.

The idea behind Howard and Bernadette’s argument was a good one, if a little cliche, but how underused was Rick Fox? They could easily have used his character to propel the argument forward, instead it just kind of sat there until the end debate. (But then the studly ex-boyfriend thing has already been used this season with Zack, so maybe they didn’t want to retread old ground. If so, why choose that setup to cameo Fox?)

Finally, Raj really needs more to do. Either that or he needs to get over his inability to speak in front of women (as much as I love that character trait), although, even with that impediment, he was easily the most amusing character of the episode.

Howard’s Mom-watch: Nothing this week. 🙁

Quote/s of the episode:

Leonard: “True dat.”
Penny. “True dat?”
Leonard: “I’ve gotten a lot more street since we broke up.”

Raj: “These mimosas are kicking my little brown ass.”

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