Survey: TV Ads Beat Digital Ads

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According to a STRATA quarterly survey of advertising firms, there is reason for optimism in 2011, but perhaps not in the areas that advertisers had expected. STRATA is a leading provider of customized media management and a top software choice for the media buying/selling industry. The survey follows advertising trends from leading agencies across the country.

STRATA shows that in the last three years over half of survey respondents have experienced an increase in business from 22.5% in 2008 to 51% in the current poll, noting that their customers are also increasing their budgets from last year. However, with this greater confidence in the economy, advertising focus has not landed on the expected trends. As a case in point, consider the trend from TV to digital; it has not extended to digital advertising. In fact, digital advertising has actually decreased for the first time. Similarly, the buzz over mobile advertising has not equated with advertising purchases. Of all interactive advertising, mobile advertising ranked low in importance (at 29%), followed by online display (80%), social media (61%), and search (60%). Still social media such as Facebook and Twitter continue to be popular modes of advertising. Perhaps most surprising is that television has remained the preferred area of focus for advertisement agencies surveyed. TV took the top spot at 44%, with digital advertising following at 21.1% and then radio at 15.6%. This does not extend to platforms like iAd, Google TV or Apple TV, which 90% of agencies say clients are not interested in.

STRATA suggests that the current movement is evident. Renewed confidence in the economy has focus turned towards television advertising. For the time being, traditional media like TV appears to be more effective and has further reach than digital advertising.