Parks and Recreation

PARKS AND RECREATION “Go Big Or Go Home” Season 3 Episode 1 – I want to start this review with a cheer that PARKS AND RECREATION is back! “Go Big Or Go Home” was essentially an episode letting us know that the parks department now has a VERY limited budget to work with, but employees are back and ready to work.

After failing to get more funds for her department from Chris, Leslie enlists the help of Ann to go on a date with Chris to convince him to up their budget. The only problem is Ann starts to have a good time with Chris and doesn’t really want to bring up the parks department. Throw in Leslie and Ben crashing their dinner, and you have what should have been the most awkward first date ever. Lucky for us, awkward is hilarious.

On the other end of the department, Ron and Andy are now coaches for a youth basketball league. There are only two teams (that’s all the recreation department could afford) and Ron begins by showing the boys the “Swanson Pyramid of Greatness”, which include things like “Crying – acceptable at funerals and at the grand canyon.”

Meanwhile, Andy is just having a blast with his team in true Andy fashion.

Tom is the referee of the league, and after finding out that his ex-wife is dating Ron, starts throwing Ron’s players out of the game on ridiculous calls, and ends up ejecting Ron from the game. which leads Andy’s team to the win!

I’m ready to find out what happens with April and Andy now that April has a new boyfriend. While I realize that Andy and April’s relationship isn’t the focus of the show, it’s my main interest as they are pretty much my favorite characters on TV right now.

So glad that Parks and Recreation is back on the air. It’s my favorite ½ hour of comedy on TV right now, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of season 3!

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